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Shujing Zhou On a Journey of Discovery "Tbilisi Journal"

Shujing Zhou presents a story of personal discovery in “Tbilisi Journal” by Tim Wong for When you choose to explore another section of the world you set in motion the idea of integration. You are invoking a universal form of shared response. That’s to say, when walking on the sacred grounds of society we must be mindful of our journey. Probing, searching, seeking to find what’s inside the collective mind. 

Kiki Willems 'Want to Dive Into Your Ocean' i-D Magazine Fall 2016 15

Kiki Willems Claims Our Right 2 Fight 4 Female Freedom #NOW

Kiki Willems captures the fluid form of future flight in this 2 part series by Christian MacDonald for Interview Magazine, June/July 2017. Art expands as it contracts evades as it invites. Kiki captures our imagination in this confluence of couture inspired chaos. This is a story that studies the fluid lines of form and fabric. Modernity takes a step forward, feeling the future of fashion erupt. What was once limited by the prospect of presentation, is now open to the idea of being wholly unrestrained. 

Jessie Bloemendaal by Anthony Maule for Numero June July 2017 6

Jessie Bloemendaal's ~ Her Tears Inside Just Can't Hide

Jessie Bloemendaal travels forth and she brings us back by Anthony Maule for Numéro Magazine, June/July 2017. Art elevates our understanding of things we might otherwise throw to the wind. The momentum of the message becomes quite clear, as we feel the swell of the ocean’s wall crash down around us. And, while it’s clear we are simply viewing a woman standing behind a wall of sheer glass, what we see is all together different. 


Karlie Kloss in Tomorrow Today "A Future Present" Vogue Italia

Karlie Kloss explores the sharpest of contrasts in “A Future Present” captured by Ethan James Green for Vogue Italia, June 2017. A story that celebrates the end of the beginning. This is a compelling look at the possible outcome for our future. Kloss is caught on the baron land of tomorrow dreaming about today. At first we are tricked into believing we are staring at a rich landscape, only to find that it is all in her mind. 

Cameron Russell in 'Even Cowgirls Get the Blues' Txema Yeste Numero #184 June-July 2017 12

Cameron Russell Rides Her Horse Into the Azure Ocean

Cameron Russell kicks up the dust and hits the trail in “Even Cowgirls Get the Blues” by Txema Yeste for Numéro #184, June/July 2017. The sea tells a story in this glamorous mix of sh** kicking cowboy and motorcycle chic. Caught in the Majestic arena of light and sound ~ this earthy spread of theatrical display is abound. Crisply delivered artfully displayed, in this dueling blend of beauty both worlds are bestowed. 

Lorena Maraschi by Sol Sanchez for Numéro Berlin #2 May 2017 13

Ride a Rainbow of Hope to this Season's Haute Couture

Lorena Maraschi rides on a rainbow in “Playful” by Sol Sanchez for Numéro Magazine, May 2017. This scintillating story will have us falling down the rabbit hole of haute couture. An expression of art and amusement collide as we buckle up for a fun filled ride. A season of spectacular is upon us as we celebrate the S/S Couture Collection. Guillaume Boulez creates a fantasy of high fashion with looks that seem to levitate on their own. 

Tim Walker for i-D Creativity Issue 'dream your paintings, paint your dreams!' 4

i-D Dare "Dream your paintings, paint your dreams!" Tim Walker

Kiki Willems & James Crewe capture our imagination in “Dream your paintings, paint your dreams!” by Tim Walker for i-D Magazine, Spring/Summer 2017. Inspired by the artistry of a painter extraordinaire, Egon Schiele, a leader in the explosive art of Expressionism. Taking us to a new space. What was once considered a passive place has transformed into an active arena. Are we inside the art, or is the art inside of us? 

i-d-Magazine-summer-2017-05 (1)

John Galliano Has "A Meeting of Minds" Tim Walker i-D Magazine

Tami Williams, Irina Liss & Yoon Young Bae converge in couture for a “A Meeting of Minds” by Tim Walker for i-D Magazine, Spring/Summer 2017. Searching in kind we dare to find the abstract forces of the inner mind. To first imagine the sounds of silence. A thoughtful place of overflowing grace where we fully flourish. That is a compelling concept. In the fluid findings of the forceful world we are left to enjoy this bounty of recovery. 

vogue-germany-june-2017-saskia-de-brauw-by-daniel-jackson-02 (2)

Saskia de Brauw Finds Forward Motion in High Fashion Street

Saskia de Brauw opens herself up to the art of evolution in “Brush Up” by Daniel Jackson for Vogue Germany, June 2017. In the fluid findings of futuristic styling comes a phenomenon known as Saskia. Her name alone brings to mind the concept of creativity. Allowing herself to be a vessel for variation we are able to reap the benefits of change. This is where we say the clothes aren’t wearing her, she is wearing the clothing. 

Jamilla-Hoogenboom-by-Carlijn-Jacobs-for-Wonderland-SS-2017-4-760x981 (1)

Jamilla Settles Behind the Blue Light In Wonderland Magazine

Jamilla Hoogenboom settles behind blue light of 70’s inspired styles by Carlijn Jacobs for Wonderland, SS 2017. Beauty beckons from behind the wall of time, reaching beyond from where I hope to find. Calling forth I dare not say for truth is comes in colorful ways. Nostalgic imagery conjures up a rich mix of retrospective memories. Fusing the past and future we get the best of both. A realm beyond… this leads us to another world.