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Edie Campbell & Olympia Campbell by Karl Lagerfeld for Vogue Germany 13

Edie/Olympia Campbell 'Fleur De Nuit' Vogue Germany

Edie & Olympia Campbell put family first in ‘Fleur De Nuit’ by Karl Lagerfeld for Vogue Germany, May 2015. Siblings unite, as Edie brings Olympia into the fold in this tale of sisterly love. Wrapped in satin covered in tulle the Art of Fashion embraces another century. Stylists, Christiane Arp & Lady Amanda Harlech, combine the grace of the gown with the fire of the female spirit. 

julia-nobis-by-craig-mcdean-for-interview-magazine-april-2015-3 (1)

Julia Nobis is Behind Shattered Glass 'Broken Down'

Julia Nobis showcases this season’s most daring designs in ‘Broken Down’ shot by Craig McDean for Interview Magazine, April 2015. The heat of haute couture burns in this exquisite editorial designed to defy. Stylist, Karl Templer, captures our imagination with fashions that explore the art of avant-garde. Behind broken glass looks explode by Alexander McQueen, Chanel HC, Dior HC, Giambattista Valli HC & Maison Margiela Artisanal

Karen Elson Falls 'In the Land of Dreamy Dreams' by Tim Walker

Karen Elson immerses herself ‘In the Land of Dreamy Dreams’ by Tim Walker for Vogue UK, 05/15. Officially known as the kingdom of Bhutan, this rich country is nestled in the heart of the Himalayas. Stylist, Kate Phelan, celebrates the ferocity of the festival, with works that embrace inspiration. Each piece provides an exciting look into the landscape of high fashion with designs from CélineLoewe, Prada & Valentino.  


Fred & Ginger Come to Life 'An Undiscovered Musical'

Karen Elson & Christopher Niquet play the part in ‘An Undiscovered Musical’ by Steven Meisel for Vogue Italia. Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers come to life in this ode to the art of dance. While these images are still, we can feel the power of motion pictures moving through our minds. A moody mix of black/white lighting set the stage for an homage of epic proportion. The fluidity of fashion embraces the swing of each step, in this dedication to the high art of modern musicals. 

Kristine By David Dunan For Stylist France 10

Kristine Froseth a Specimen of High Fashion Perfection

Kristine Froseth is a specimen of perfection as David Dunan delivers a vast vision for Stylist France, 2nd April 2015. From a vivacious girl who’s full of vigor to an exotic model made to mystify, this is a celebration of youth. Stylist, Natalie Yuksel, embraces the dueling forces of nature with looks designed to defy. Extreme fashions speak as each image tells a tale of truth. Cut-outs seal the deal with a be-jeweled dress and see-thru jacket. 

Mia Stass By Boy  Girl For Schön! #28 8

Mia Stass' Mind is Caught in a Misfit of Play for Schön!

Mia Stass floods each frame with futuristic fashion in ‘High Spirits’ by Boy/Girl for Schön! Magazine #28. Is this real or is it fantasy? A mannequin of mayhem leads the way as the mind is caught in a misfit of play. Lost in a labyrinth of lunacy, Stass finds herself falling for plastic with features unknown. The satire of seduction soars as high fashion frivolity ensues. Stylist, David Motta, embraces the vibe with avant-garde looks from Agent Provocateur, McQ Alexander McQueen, Elliot Joseph Rentz, Jenny Packham, Missoni, Paul & Joe, Roberto Cavalli and Salvatore Ferragamo

Charlotte Carey by Dennis Stenild for Revs 8

Charlotte Carey Takes a Ride on 'Reverse' Side in Revs

Charlotte Carey rides on the ‘Reverse’ side in this captivating cover shoot by Dennis Stenild for Revs Magazine No.11. Up is down and down is up as we take a trip into another world. To express without evoking to scream without sound, this story celebrates the art of now. Stylist, Ellen Loftsdottir, lures us in with caustic costumes that fan the flames of fabrication. From neo-natural to avant-garde excess, each picture is a play on bi-lateral blending. 

Free Magazine Cover

Nicola Formichetti Has Created a Modern Magazine

Kiko Mizuhara has a face full of flowers in ‘Neo Japan’ a decadent debut by Richard Burbridge for FreeNicola Formichetti has created a modern magazine with the concept of Freedom. Partnering with the bookstore Tsutaya, the final product will be distributed (for free) to many Japanese locations. A labor of love, the heart of this project comes from Formichetti’s masterful mind. 

Anya Lyagoshina in 'All That Glitters' by Benjamin Lennox 5

Anya Lyagoshina Tastes the Gold in 'All That Glitters'

Anya Lyagoshina stars in ‘All That Glitters’ a stunning story shot by Benjamin Lennox for Brilliance bursts onto the scene with powerful pictures that explode. Gilded pleasures pave the way in this shimmering array of gold filled play. The canvas of creation is found as foiled and freckled fantasy lives on. Liquid gold pours out of the mouth as the tip of the finger fearlessly finds its way to the face. 

sia interview

Sia Proves Privacy is Pure Gold in 'Face Off' Interview

Sia captures our imagination in ‘Face Off’ by Gregory Harris for Interview Magazine, April 2015. The power of privacy is pure gold. Born, Sia Furler, this woman embodies the soul of an artist. Authenticity lives in the veracity of actions, true talent proves that posing is for frauds. This Australian singer has enjoyed many views of stardom, but having control is where she finds satisfaction.