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Txema Yeste's Camera Tells Tale "Model Coven Casts Its Spell"

Irina Liss, Leah Rödl, Manami Kinoshita, and Sarah Abney in “Model Coven Casts Its Spell” by Txema Yeste shot for Yeste casts a conceptual spell conjuring a coven from the creative craft. Rich with imagination, he inspires us to wonder the halls of our mind. I never underestimate the power of his aesthetic intention. Producing a plethora of poetry in the form of pictures, is a true gift. 

Rianne Van Rompaey Embraces “Venetian Fantasy" Vogue Paris

Rianne Van Rompaey goes a ‘la MODE À VENISE in the “Venetian Fantasy” by Inez & Vinoodh for Vogue Paris, November 2017. The culture of Venetian inhabitants are played out in the characteristics of the city. This “Floating City” or “City of Canals” as it’s known, is as spirited as it is secretive. Alive with a kind a vibe that allows it to transcend the many pitfalls of modern society, today’s timeline is driven by a score to ignore. 

Alek Wek Defies Gravity Laying Parallel to Ground in Re-Edition

Alek Wek wields herself into a number of brave positions in “Do You Go To the Temple Tonight” by Talia Chetrit for Re-Edition No.8, AW 2017. I see this piece as a work of physical artistry. A line of poetry longing to be read… a hunger that aches to be fed… wistful yearning that cries in the night… turning hope into havoc and wrong into right… like a winged butterfly longing to soar… this seething craving will leave you wanting but more.  

Angela Lindvall Seeks Spirit of Whimsy Captured by Greg Kadel

Angela Lindvall steps forth to accept a Challenge in “Desafio Total” by Greg Kadel for Harper’s Bazaar Spain, October 2017. Mystical maneuverings are founded in the whimsy of a wish, as couture comes with a challenge and Angela is ready to reply. Images are set apart by their unique form, yet oddly connected by their unifying theme. This exquisite editorial celebrates the art of independence, while calling on the collective spirit of style. 

Tessa Kuragi's Body Becomes Live Art in "Metamorphosis"

Tessa Kuragi uses the body as a palate and avant-garde beauty as the brush, in “Metamorphosis” by Sølve Sundsbø for Beauty Papers Magazine, F/W 2017. An Ode to Etiquette unleashes the beauty beast, as the bends of her body break through the mysteries of the skin. Like a model in waiting, she stands for public viewings taking a variety of poetic poses. Capturing the conceptual art of humanity, this story plays on page like a live art installation seen on stage. 

Lucie Stoll Falls Down Rabbit Hole of Haute Couture

Lucie Stoll stars in the theatre of change by Armin Morbach for Tush Magazine, F/W 2017. Costumed cosmetics takes fantasy to another level as we fall down the rabbit hole of haute couture. Each image stands independently, strangely blending into the buffet of beauty. The search for originality continues as we make our way down the pathway of plenty. Distinct dimensions propose contrasting elements to effect the search boundary, as opposition arises allowing them to be both passive and playful. 

Miriam Haney is Working Hard in Opposition "Counter Praxis"

Miriam Haney is working in opposition in “Counter Praxis” by Mark Lim for NicOtiNe Magazine, F17. Meeting resistance head on, this compelling story settles into the art of opposition. Acting in antipathy embraces a counter-intuitive nature, allowing you to jump when your instinct is to stand still. Ingenuity evokes a sense of spirit ~ telling us we can fly when already floating in the center of the sky.  

Ajak is Celebrating 15 Years "This Time We Won't Ask"

Ajak Deng is Celebrating 15 Years in “This Time We Won’t Ask” shot by Oliver Stalmans for Dansk Magazine, A/W 2017. I am woman hear me… well you know the rest as we watch this glorious female embrace the natural beauty of her being. A powerful look at the art of evolving. Imposing a sense of spirit, some of the images appear to be an abstract version of themselves. To be is to become, as we explore the art of becoming in this place of ever-evolving beauty. 

Haute Shots ~ The Spring 2018 Ready-to-Wear Show Season

Fashion is exposed in a fantasy of riches as we celebrate the Spring 2018 Season with style. A tale of truth told on the tightrope of tomorrow. We watch them walk down the runway with unyielding strength. Raw energy emanates from the stage, as the story unfolds with an undulating rhythm. There’s a quiet stillness that settles in the room. An undercurrent of calmness radiates throughout each show, as each one moves with visual mastery. 

Malgosia Bela Is Seen Behind a Scarlet Wall in "Vertigo" Sailing

Malgosia Bela goes “Vertigo” as she hits her stride in a dizzying ride by Chris Colls for Vogue Ukraine, 10/17. Elements of the sea are artfully expressed in a lavish spectacle of style and structure. Set against the midnight sky the darkened night is draped divine. The high seas come alive, as scarlet doesn’t just fill the scene it oozes it all over the screen. This amps up the passion as it pulls down the red film, exposing us to the purity of seduction.