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Marthe Wiggers 'The Flower' by Thom Kerr for Black Magazine 3

Marthe Wiggers Plays an Ethereal Fairy in 'The Flower'

Marthe Wiggers plays an ethereal fairy in ‘The Flower’ captured by Thom Kerr for Black Magazine #23, The Human Issue. Floating like a supernatural sprite beauty blossoms like a nymph in flight. “To be overcome by the fragrance of flowers is a delectable form of defeat”~Beverley Nichols. Fashion Editor, Sarah Birchley, invites the nuance of effervesce to erupt as, art breathes forth the sweetest odours.

Daphne's Skin Tight is Right 'I am a Superstar' Vogue Russia

Daphne Groeneveld detours to the dark side in ‘I am a Superstar’ by Jason Kibbler for Vogue Russia, August 2015. Skin tight feels right as the penetrating power of purple takes over. Fueled with the fire of crystal decadence, tectonic flavors fill the page. Playing a rock-star with a twist, Daphne gives off a hypnotic haze artfully backed by a violet-vibe. Stylist, Olga Dunina, intoxicates us with the aire, letting the fog of high fashion fly free. 

Giampaolo Sgura for Vogue Germany August 2015 74

Celebrate the Season of Change in 'Express Yourself'

Karlina Caune, Edita Vilkeviciute and Constance Jablonski celebrate the season of saturation, in ‘Express Yourself!’ by Giampaolo Sgura for Vogue Germany. Embarking on a new era, Fall fashion explodes in the form of modern art. This Collection uses the Symbolic Kraft of verbiage to capture the true meaning of haute couture. The tempo of trends erupt with designs that redefine the decades. 

Joan Smalls by Steven Klein for Vogue Italia 1

Joanna Drops in an Incubus of Illusion 'Grafica' Schön!

Joanna drops into an incubus of illusion in ‘Grafica’ shot by Boy/Girl for Schön! Magazine, S/S 2015. Sublime artistry erupts as the spectacle of surrealism takes shape. Breaking free from the chains that bind, this story reveals the wreckage we must bare when we seek change. Colours collide as graphic outlines pop off the page. a+c:studio captures the vibe of the piece with futuristic fashions that fuel the fire.  


High Fashion Falls Down Rabbit Hole 'The Collections'

Dani, Dasha & Lera fall down the rabbit hole in ‘The Collections’ by Erik Madigan Heck for Harper’s Bazaar UK, August 2015. Unlocking our childhood memories, this story celebrates the classic tale of ‘Alice in Wonderland’. Gather your senses as we peer through the looking glass of life. This fantastical world expands our minds as trend-blending pushes us to be more experimental. 

Jenna Earle 'White' David Oldham For Beauty Papers 11

Jenna Earle Extols Virtues of Pallid Complexion 'White'

Jenna Earle breaks the barriers of beguiling beauty in ‘White’ by David Oldham for Beauty Papers, Summer 2015. Amy Marquis steps back in time for this intense look into the custom of face and body painting. The countenance of creativity dares to bare with evocative images that reflect social mores. Jenna typifies the pallid complexion of the past with beauty blanched in all-white. Paying homage to the era, (Makeup Artist) Gemma Smith-Edhouse turns tradition on its head by extolling the excess of the past. 


Crista Cober Plays Mythological Beauty in 'Persephone'

Crista Cober plays the mythological daughter of Zeus in ‘Persephone’ shot by Miguel Reveriego for Beauty Papers, Summer 2015. Abducted by the underworld, she vacillated between good/evil, in what came to be known as the Change of Seasons. Fashion evolves, as (Stylist) Ada Kokosar celebrates a dream where designs are backed by avant-garde accouterments. Auric ecstasy erupts as both sides come together in this dynamic blend of dark and light.  

BeautyPapers 040

Beauty Papers Makes Inaugural Debut 'The Foundation'

The Foundation‘ makes it’s mark as Maxine Leonard & Valerie Wickes bring us the Inaugural debut of Beauty Papers, Issue 0. Launching for the Makeup Obsessed, buckle your seat belts it’s gonna’ be a bumpy ride. This new magazine embarks on a journey of discovery with evocative images that dare to be different. Forward artistry entices us to succumb as the power of pretty invites us to become. 


Samantha Gradoville Floats Freely in a Sea of Salvation

Samantha Gradoville falls into a sea of salvation by Federico De Angelis for Numéro Russia. I watch the water of life wash over me as tiny drops of decadence defy my senses. An ethereal world filled with daring and wonder. Effervescence erupts all around as the power of art pushes over the page. Fashion floats free as each look invites us to weather the wetness. Stylist, Irina Marie, blends body-baring bathing suits with Summer designs by Alexandre Vauthier, BlumarineChloéDiorHermès, Louis Vuitton, Pinko, Cavalli, Sportmax & Zadig & Voltaire

Anna, Lily, Rosie, Barbra, Chrissy, Doutzen & more by Mert & Marcus for W Mag 5

Beauty Explores Art of Exposure in 'Privacy Settings' for W Mag

The worlds most beautiful, and followed, women expose a part of themselves we won’t see on screen in ‘Privacy Settings’ by Mert & Marcus for W Magazine, August 2015. Anna, Barbara, Bella, Chrissy, Doutzen, Lily, Rosie, Joan, Emily & Irina brave a new world in dynamic shots not made for Instagram. The power of processing has been foregone in favor of something quicker. 10 women go up against the quick click of a camera, with daring insight driven through thoughtful interchange.