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Barbara Fialho by Enrique Vega for Vogue Mexico August 20163232

Barbara Fialho Basks by Side of Sea "Belleza" in Vogue Mexico

Barbara Fialho basks by the side of the sea in “Belleza” by Enrique Vega for Vogue Mexico, August 2016. Wading by the water’s edge… the sun shines down from up on high open from the azure sky. The art of extreme is caught in a dream as all things go crazy in the heat of extreme. Blue basks in the beauty of now as Victor Noble brings makeup with a Mediterranean flavor. Music is mimicked in the colors of creation as art is seen in the spectacle of light. 

Vogue-Ukraine-Beauty-August-2016-Hana-Jirickova-by-Hunter-and-Gatti-03 (2)

Hana Jirickova Uses the Body as a Palate Paint as a Guide

Hana Jirickova uses the body to articulate in “Painted in Colors” shot by Hunter & Gatti for Vogue Ukraine, August 2016. Body is the palate and paint is the guide, in this exquisite editorial that explores the art of expression. Primordial eccentricities evoke a sense of strength as we witness a woman finding her inner self. This is no story of wizardry, this is a tale of truth. The female rises forth, from the ashes of insecurity to embody the camouflage of creativity. 


Ruth Bell Shows Love of Land "Intoxicating Romance"

Ruth Bell invites us to witness the wonders of the world in “Intoxicating Romance” by Ryan McGinley for Vogue China, September 2016. On a journey of discovery we set out to expand our mind and free our soul. Each shot is a celebration of life in some of this season’s most compelling captures. Ethereal fashions aim to float free as the sky stands in solidarity. A poetic reflection of time expanding, designs evolve and shift, mimicking the worlds’ wonders.  

Neiman_Marcus-The_Book-September_2016-Pat_Cleveland-Anna_Cleveland-by-Ruven_Afanador-03 (1)

The Cleveland Women Celebrate Music of Muse, Neiman Marcus

The Cleveland women celebrate the music of the muse in “The Art of Fashion” by Ruven Afanador for Neiman Marcus, 09/16. A dream inside a dream, “The Book” honors the many attributes of The Muse. Ruven gives us a unique peak at the wonderful women, with a video that takes us behind the scenes. Pat speaks with a sweet, lilting affect, “something’s ticking here and there’s someone I have to meet,” while, Anna goes inside in, “an intimate process whereby you become a vessel to release your ego.” They believe that being open to the process allows the brilliance of the moment to find you. 


Lara Stone ~ a Femme Fatale ~ Super-Hero "Athletic Girl"

Lara Stone embodies the strength of a super-hero and seductive skills of a femme fatale in “Athletic Girl” by Steven Klein for Vogue Italia, August 2016. If women ruled the world, could we but blend the soft and sour with hard-hitting power? Wearing a leopard skin coat draped over half of her body, this brave beauty sits on bended knee with back to camera, only to leave her naked side exposed. 

Love_Fall_Winter_2016-2017_Portrait_of_a_Lady_14 (1)

Pretty Girls Play Poetic Extremes "Portrait of a Lady" Tim Walker

Anna Cleveland, Eva Herzigova, Julie Hoomans, Kiki Willems, Lexi Boling & Molly Constable plays at poetic extremes in “Portrait of a Lady” by Tim Walker for Love Magazine, S/S 2016. Emptiness never looked so full with the weight of over-burdened (faux) bosoms bouncing around. Walker pays tribute to his personal hero, by delivering an homage of both honor and distinction. An artist often at odds with the modern world, John Currin’s captivating visions are completely unbound. 

numero_100 55

Lotte van Noorte Leads the Way in "The Lovely Excess"

Lotte van Noort is like a flower in full bloom by Nicolas Coulomb for Novembre Issue #10, S/S 2016. Lips seek what silence speaks… in the unknown secrets that people keep. Isamaya Ffrench leads us down the pathway of promise in this exquisite tale of truth uncovered. Makeup is poured over the skin like so much paint finding its rightful home, as color cascades over each feature taking on a distorted display. 


Julia Nobis Roams Enchanted Forest "Melancholia" for Love

Julia Nobis is mixed-up in the mania of “Melancholia” by Willy Vanderperre for Love #17, F/W 2016/17. While searching we seek… in silence we speak… for quiet comes calling in the dark hour of our need. What could be seen as merely a swath of stomped out grass, is transformed, into a path of the unknown. Each picture projects a sense of solemnity, wrapped in the purity of thought. 

Anna Ewers by Phil Poynter for Love Magazine FW 2016-17

"Lick It!" Stick It - Get It Done Right! Delish, Love Magazine

Anna Ewers, Grace Bol, Aamito Lagum, Pooja Mor, Sara Sampaio & Stella Maxwell celebrate the luscious side of life in “Lick It!” by Phil Poynter for Love Magazine #16, Fall/Winter 2016-17. Beauty goes face first with pictures that project the art of Summer skin. Creativity gets up-close and personal with poetic imagery that punctuates a “Sense” of excitement, as Diane Kendal captures consumption couture with foods that bring the fusion of flavor forward. 


Earth’s Light Emanates From Stella's Forehead, Txema Yeste

Stella Lucia shows we are all but small creatures on a grand scale in “Extase” by Txema Yeste for Numéro #175, August 2016. Earth, Air, Fire and Water explode as this story celebrates the four earthly elements. Particular units contain unique and uncommon properties, which all work together to create a united universe. Earth’s body beckons us near as we explore the four elemental approaches to truth.