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Stella & James Gender Blend into Infinite "boy/girl/boy"

Stella Tennant & James Crewe cross the line in “boy/girl/boy” by Tim Walker for Vogue Italia, July ’16. Art meets fashion in this tender take on androgynous allies. Born to be free ~ gender identification is abolished in this exquisite editorial that extinguishes the line between male & female. Playing the part, girl is boy and boy is girl, in a spinning tale of gender swap. 


Sartorial Excess Floods the Page "Dreamy Atmosphere" Vogue It.

Lili Sumner lets herself fall into a “Dreamy Atmosphere” by Sølve Sundsbø for Vogue Italia, July 2016. The majesty of the mind is unleashed as we bare witness to the wonders of the inner world. Lili lands inside the sanctum of herself in this evocative tale of time undone. Patti Wilson fuses art and fantasy for one of the most cohesive layouts of the season. High fashion forms a paradigm shift artfully taking a phantasmagorical trip, as shapes appear in languid lines gold glistens & silver shines. 

'Cult Classics' by Mert & Marcus for W Magazine, August 2016 30

Top Models of the World Unite in "Cult Classics" for W Magazine

Top models of the world unite in “Cult Classics” shot by Mert & Marcus for W Magazine, August 2016. Angelic features invite the spirit to rise as Ruth Bell captures a sublime sense of strength. Fair faces float on aire as bare haired beauties give a stoic stare. Surrounded in the circle of humanity they stand together in creative harmony. Pictures project inner power with soulful shots of sisters uniting. 

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Marc Jacobs Invites Neon Lights to Shine Bright Fall '16 Campaign

Marc Jacobs gathers a unique array of complex characters, for a fusion of flavor with Missy Elliott, Kendall Jenner & Cara Delevingne (et al) for his Fall 2016 Campaign, by David Sims. Art soars as the subject of this stunning Fall Preview progresses. Burning under the red haute spot, one might think the evolution is complete, but this display is just the beginning. The mutation of the mighty awaits as this conversion creates an altered state. 


A Killer Fashion Spread Celebrates "The Neon Demon"

Elle Fanning, Bella Heathcote & Abbey Lee star in “Killing It” by Steven Klein for V Magazine #102, Fall Preview 2016. If Looks Could Kill… is the demonstrative statement put forth in Nicolas Winding Refn’s, The Neon Demon. The Poetry of Pageantry is Not What it Doth Seem… We Close Our Eyes & Take a Ride On Boulevard of Broken Dreams. Setting forth on the ride of her life, this young girl takes on the City of Angels, as she begins her own fall from grace. 

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Marjan Jonkman Shines 'All that Glitters is not Gold' Vogue Nls

Marjan Jonkman is Strictly Chic in ‘All that Glitters is not Gold’ by Marc de Groot for Vogue Nls, 07/16. The Glam Slam 70’s has arrived with looks unafraid to flash back in time. This story grabs gorgeous from fashions that glitter while it steals swagger from styles that shine. Going for full glow, this editorial exposes us to another era while showing the road ahead. Dimphy den Otter reapplies the cross-over theory with a compelling concept I call the cohesive swap. 

'Beauty' Mario Sorrenti for Vogue Italia 22

Sorrenti Captures the Art of the Family Tree ~ Cleveland Style

Mario Sorrenti invites the light of “Love” to shine bright, Vogue Italia, June 2016. Sorrenti seeks higher ground, in this special issue dedicated to the High Art of the Family Tree. Familial bonds aren’t created equally, so as these shots unfold we begin to get a greater appreciation for the climate of diversity. Anna Cleveland invites us into their haus of haute couture, where communal sharing is unlike we’ve seen. 

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Angelika Frątczak Feels Her Way Forward "Überflächen"

Angelika Frątczak & Dasha feel their way free in “Überflächen” by Wilkosz & Way for Tush Magazine. To touch… to feel… to explore the idea of the ideal. To Long… to Esteem… that ever awaiting dream. To travel into the great unknown is the closet thing to perfection we are ever to truly know. Exquisitely tampered with artfully displayed, the unity of opposition allows us to languish in the land of distortion. 

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Lexi Boling Defines Life's Duality "Faces of Fashion"

Lexi Boling gets dark & real in “Faces of Fashion” by Stas Komarovski for Authentically featured artfully portrayed, this is the picture of pure Model perfection. I’ve seen this stunner go from tomboy extreme to girl-next-door dream, with each editorial exposing us to something new. Andrew Mukamal ventures into the wild side, by giving us a peek at the body baring fashions of Boling

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Lida Fox Settles Into the 70's "Trip the Light Fantastic"

Lida Fox settles into the 70’s in ‘Trip the Light Fantastic‘ by Simon Cave for Models.comJaime Kay Waxman uses the model’s body like a mannequin in mid-form, as he Drives the disco beat to hit the studio street. Fashion finds the perfect pitch with rich designs oozing authentic flavor. Stretching into infinite, the linear aspects of the body line up, as arms bend and long legs extend.