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Kate Moss Pulls Us Into a Tale of Secrets/Seduction, W Magazine

Kate Moss and Luka Isaac pull us into a tale of secrets and seduction, in “Belle De Nuit” captured by Mert & Marcus for W Magazine, 03/17. Two enigmatic figures drawn together yet torn apart, this plays to the somber tones of silent era films. An ode to the artistry of decadence. Dress me up dress me down, this plays like Liz Taylor losing her mind in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, or the incomparable Marilyn Monroe in Niagara

maison margiela haute couture ss 17 27

Maison Margiela & Schiaparelli Steal Spring 2017 Shows

Haute Couture finds its center as Maison Margiela & Schiaparelli Steal the Spring 2017 Show Season. It’s not often that we have a season so rich in artistic detail. Each collection showcased a series of eclectic styles, but, it was two that literally Brought the House Down. In this world of opposites where the exquisitely strange takes shape, we find daringly different houses playing together on the same high fashion playground.  


Anja Rubik Plays in Pure Plastic "Erotica" Tale for Vogue Ukraine

Anja Rubik arouses excitement in “Erotic” by Chris Colls for Vogue Ukraine, February 2017. A dark tale told in the light of day, with a dream like effect that will take you away. Stimulating images send us into another dimension. as Rubik comes in close, for shots that take us back to the age of 20’s erotica. This sassy story was built to highlight the idea of excess. Unlike sexual titillation of more the recent fare, this is a tale told on the cinema of a stare. 

Numéro-180-February-2017-Catherine-McNeil-by-Jean-Baptiste-Mondino-05-1 (1)

Catherine McNeil Impossible to Subdue "L'Indomptable" Numéro

Catherine McNeil cannot be subdued in “L’Indomptable” by Jean-Baptiste Mondino for Numéro #180, February 2017. Deeper & deeper we go where we stop nobody knows. Denial is set in artful motion as each piece of fabric tells a tale of truth. The title of this issue is ~ Volupté. Mondino crafts a couture masterpiece that mimics a trip to the dark-side, surrounding the idea of sensuousness.  

Vogue-Paris-February-2017-by-Glen-Luchford-07-Julie-Hoomans-Ulrikke-Hoyer (1)

Julie & Ulrikke Strike While Iron is Red Haute in “Rose Absolu”

Julie Hoomans strikes while the iron is red haute in “Rose Absolu” by Glen Luchford for Vogue Paris, February 2017. Valentine’s Day is in the air as an exotic blend of red revs things up. The 70’s is reborn with a collection of Caftans built for the era of, Free Love. Flowing fabrics fill the page as silk slithers over each image in a righteous rage. Having a true affinity for the vintage fair, seductive styles make us feel like we’re having a retro affair. 


Edie Campbell Picture of Purity "Portrait of a Lady" Vogue Paris

Edie Campbell takes a compelling looks at the history of avant-garde fashion, in “Portrait of a Lady” by Alasdair McLellan for Vogue Paris, February 2017. The past and future collide as this story celebrates the creativity of couture. An ode to the art of sartorial craftsmanship. Haute History takes a stand while Edie embodies the eras gone by. A parable of historic relevance is postured in poetic form, as the power of prose lies in the ability to penetrate the soul. 

vogue-russia-february-2017-jena-goldsack-by-txema-yeste-03 (3)

Jena Goldstack Stands Tall in City "High Style" Txema Yeste

Jena Goldsack stands tall as she embodies the ferocity of the female spirit, in “High Style” by Txema Yeste for Vogue Russia, February 2017. Reaching high she can touch the sky, rising high in triumph over the rooftops. Txema captures our thirst for the extreme as Jena ascends strong in the middle of a dream. In one of the most dramatic stories of the season, this plays with proportions as it elevates the excitement. 

Z - Out of Order Magazine by Luigi & Iango SS 2017 2

Luigi & Iango Ask Us To Unleash Avant-Garde Beast Out of Order

Lia Pavlova & Odette Pavolva, Jessica Miller & Tina Veshaguri in “Join the Club” by Luigi & Iango for Out of Order Magazine, S/S 2017. The monarchy of the muted come to be as all things go quiet with thoughts we can see. Words would merely conflict the constitution of this piece, with quiet renderings made to make you think. But, don’t get it twisted – just ’cause there’s a limit of volume doesn’t mean there is a restriction of the extreme. 


Sara Grace Deigns to Embrace Ben Tom's Bird Blending Beauty

Sara Grace shines in “Birds” by Ben Toms for Vogue China, February 2017. Birds don’t just possess the power to fly rather they signify the triumph to try. “In general, birds symbolize the presence of a higher being with a connection to the sky.” Airborne creatures defy our ideas of what is possible, “by freeing themselves from the restraints of gravity.” As we look through these images our brains start to bend, believing that we are seeing the impossible. 


Dua Lipa ~ Fashion Sinks Into Soul of 70's ~ V Magazine

Dua Lipa sinks into the soul of the 70’s by Mario Testino for V Magazine #105, Spring Preview 2017. Her voice rips through my mind like whiskey tearing through my chest in kind. Her ballads bring forth a wicked mixture of hope and heretic, as the undulating rhythm meets the poetic rhyme. Leaving behind the idea of rock ‘n’ roll, we find ourselves memorized by the new sounds of… Rock & Soul.