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Edie Campbell by Inez & Vinoodh for T Style Women's Fall Fashion 2015 24

Edie Campbell Conjures Fashion's Dark Side in 'Eclipse'

Edie Campbell ‘conjures fashion’s dark side’ in ‘Eclipse’ by Inez & Vinoodh for T Style, Women’s Fall Fashion 2015. Between two worlds the lithe spawning of a sinuous tale is told. Untouched by sunlight, aphotic energy erupts as we explore the sartorial art of nebulous expression. The tenebrous yearnings of dark days night leaves us humbled and sprawled in spite of our plight. 

Kasia Jujeczka by Sophy Holland For No Tofu September 2015 22

Kasia Dares to Step Into a Dream 'Of Light and Shadow'

Kasia Jujeczka dances into a dream ‘Of Light and Shadow’ shot by Sophy Holland for No Tofu. Like a piece of modern ballet the fluid nature of this work mimics true motion. Kasia showcases the spectacle of sensation with subtly seen in the shifts of silence. Floral features spill across the page as the phenomenon of the physical world erupts. Floating through the foyer, a long silken dress falls to the ground, with a sweeping train following her up the stairs. 

Alice in 'Fragile Things' by Kodai Ikemitsu for Revs

Alice Takes Part in Garden's Green Art for Revs Digital

Alice invites the wisdom of wonder to whisper sweet nothings in ‘Fragile Things‘ by Kodai Ikemitsu for Revs Magazine. Growing up in the Garden of Eden, Alice celebrates the story of sumptuous salvation. To get inside the landscape, it to feel it all around you, that is the subject of this striking tale. With high fashion that’s found in the form of garden greenery. Foliage grows up around the face as the vine of victory crawls onto the skin. 

Anna Cleveland in 'Turin' by Juergen Teller for Love No.14 FW 2015 7

Anna Cleveland and Gallerist Suzanne Tarasieve 'Turin'

Anna Cleveland joins famed gallerist Suzanne Tarasieve in ‘Turin’ by Juergen Teller for Love No.14, F/W 2015. The Talents Issue proves that sometimes the second time around can be a remarkable remix. Strolling through Turin, Italy we are swept-up by this Director and her newest muse. Part of the art, Anna takes to the streets embedding herself in every scene. To drink in the world around you is to drink in the water of life. 

'The New Aesthetic' Roe Ethridge For Dazed Fall 2015 2

Molly Bair Leads the Way 'The New Aesthetic' for Dazed

Molly Bair leads the way as we take on the art of becoming in ‘The New Aesthetic’ by Roe Ethridge for Dazed, Fall 2015. Gone are the days of coiffed perfection in this exciting era of bona-fide beauty. To know where you’re going you have to be comfortable with where you’ve been. Fresh faces give us a sneak peak into the season by showing us what the industry’s been missing. 

natalie-westling-by-inez-van-lamsweerde-vinoodh-matadin-for-w-magazine-september-2015-9 (1)

Natalie Westling Plays Weeping Widow 'Mourning Glory'

Natalie Westling plays a weeping widow in ‘Mourning Glory’ shot by Inez & Vinoodh for W Magazine, September 2015. Deep sorrow fills my heart as I fly on the wings of sadness. Stylist, Edward Enninful, lets fluid fashions flood the page as soft silks wash over the skin. The art of haute couture erupts as we explore the haunting nature of loss. Dark garb speaks to strength while flowing chiffon finds truth. 


Explore a New World Order 'Fade to Black' in Vogue UK

Agnes Nieske, Aya Jones, Estella Boersma & Willow Hand explores a new world order, in ‘Fade to Black’ shot by Jamie Hawkesworth for Vogue UK, 09/15. Simplicity masks the art of evolutionary movement as we shift into a season of change. Gone are the days when dressing like a man was considered advanced. Settle into the phenomenon of forward fashion with sculptural silhouettes unlike we’ve seen. 


Rita Saunders Goes Graphic with Collage Layers in Dansk

Rita Saunders captures a mish-mosh of manic fashion by Léa Nielsen for Dansk, Fall/Winter 2015. Shapes speak to a spectacle of sensation in this compilation of high creation. Patterns compel us forward with dynamic imagery that invites us to explore. Stylist, Darryl Rodrigues, voices the language of linear design by capturing the construction of graphic collage. Like a work of modern art, the craft of couture comes together as aerodynamic artistry screams to be seen. 

anna-ewers-by-alasdair-mclellan-for-vogue-uk-september-2015-12 (1)

Anna Ewers Rages Against 80's Machine 'No Debutante'

Anna Ewers rages against the machine in ‘No Debutante’ shot by Alasdair McLellan for Vogue UK, 09/15. Taking us back to a time when color was less a choice of hue than a statement of authenticity. This glowing fashion-flashback embraces the 80’s by paying homage to the power of presentation. Rediscovery is upon us as each image captures the idea of modern era-hopping. Stylist, Kate Phelan, digs into another decade with vintage designs inspired by the act of creative clashing. 

'Back In the Lime Light' by Mert & Marcus for W September 2015 6

80's Ecstasy Unfolds in 'Back in the Lime Light' W Mag

The art of ecstasy unfolds as Anna Cleveland takes us ‘Back In the Lime Light’ by Mert & Marcus for W Magazine, September 2015. While pop was prevalent, the other side of the 80’s was an extreme scene. An ode to New York’s infamous club, The Limelight. Debauchery defined, Cleveland and her couture cronies party like it’s 1989. Rich with authentic imagery this story projects a sense of chaotic poignancy.