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Bea Sweet Gets Deliciously Kitchy with 'Sci-Fi Glamour'

Laura Schoenmakers & Natie Nowak channels the psychic forces of high fashion, in ‘Sci-Fi Glamour‘ by Carlijn Jacobs for Beauty Papers Issue #7. Art by nature is an amalgamation of emotions. This excites the senses. Moving through the visual medium landing somewhere in the realm of the mental. Mysterious meanderings takes us on a trip through the collective mind. As we travel we embrace the evocative nature of nuance. 

Sasha Belyaeva Dares to Embrace Blurry Lines of Being

Sasha Belyaeva stuns us into submission shot by Elizaveta Porodina for Vogue Russia, August 2019. Working as an activist, singer and model, Sasha dares to embrace the blurry lines of being. Pictures emit a powerful presence oozing with enigmatic essence. Dark and light collide as this brilliant story exalts the beauty of living between. Shining Lights from Far and Wide Will Take You on a Spirit Ride. 

'Born to Be Bella' Back In Time Retro Beauty is Defined

Bella, Bella Bring Me Home… I’m Calling to the Great Unknown. Back in time retro beauty is defined. Art is an energizing theme to explore as we delve inside the makeup artist’s mind. Using the face as a palate, we are challenged to leave behind the notion of pretty in favor of something more conceptually compelling. Pretty is a mundane concept. A transient truth tortured by time as seeking perfection is a waste of fervent minds. 

Old/New Pieces from Archive Story to New Found Glory

Ugbad Abdi in ‘Fierce Fall Fashion‘ by Sølve Sundsbø for V Magazine, V120 Fall 2019. High design is for the dreamers. This isn’t about cloth that cuts to your frame, this is about fabrics that find the folds of the body. Here, in the sweep of succulence we see a myriad of miracles come into play. That is the heat of haute couture. Art exposes truth. Abdi’s energy doesn’t overpower the ensemble, nor does is cower to it’s strengths. 

She Shines From Behind ~ Decadence Drips Down Back

Alexandra Agoston immerses herself In the Immensity of ‘En La Inmensidad’ by of Yulia Gorbachenko for Harper’s Bazaar España, July 2019. Shot in the Bolivan Salt Flats (know as the Solar De Uyuni), these artful captures play with the concept of spacial notion. This exquisite mise en scene provides a powerful look at the natural surroundings. Alexandra appears to float on the water in the middle of the ocean, while long limbs travel up and over the land’s edge. 

Artistry of Modern Muppets Seen Thru Eyes of Jazzelle

Many say JazzelleUglyworldwide, is a one-woman wrecking ball of beauty. Working hard on a self proclaimed, Trail of Terror, she gives us open access to her honest excess. Recreating the purity of youth, she embraces the conceptual notion of childhood memories. This is a profound experiment of youthful exuberance coupled with raw, emotional power. Art is an exploratory exercise, one that takes advantage of our fluid thought process. 

Blésnya Floats Free in a Sea of High Fashion Tranquility

Blésnya Minher is lost in paradise in ‘Paradis perdu’ by Txema Yeste for Numéro Magazine, June-July 2019. The prose I give forth is a poetic depiction of what I’m calling, Woman Rising. Here the art of femininity is expressed. I can feel her spirit connect with mine, as it is in that rare connection that I feel the combination rise. That is art as it transcends the visual platform and enters the mental landscape. 

Zendaya's New Roll in 'Euphoria' Shows Thespian Skills ~ PAPER

Raw instincts are compellingly captured and artfully portrayed, in the rapturous turnings of truth conveyed. Zendaya leaves the good girl behind her in ‘Extreme‘ by Issac West for Paper Magazine, SS 2019. Staring in the new HBO drama, Euphoria. She takes on a true challenge, playing the part of a young woman who’s strength requires true grit to take it on. This drama asks that we see this actor in a totally new way. 

Saskia & Stella Dare Clothes 2 Dance in 'Tanz Der Kleider'

Saskia De Brauw, Stella Tennant dare clothes to dance in ‘Tanz Der Kleider’ by Daniel Jackson for Vogue Germany, June 2019. In English ‘Tanz Der Kleider’ means The Clothes Dance, a telling title for this stunning editorial. This is a statement that speaks to the dynamic energy of clothes separate from the person wearing them. There’s a vitality and vigor that fills the fabric. 

Deigns to Perform Untamed Game of High Fashion Play

Rianne Van Rompaey is limber like a marionette in ‘Command Performance’ By Theo Sion For Vogue UK, June 2019. All her talent needs is a camera and captivating costume, and she’s set to stun. Her energy is infectious as she jumps through each frame like a avant-garde puppet on parade. Rianne brings forth a series of balletic positions with perfect posture and limber execution. Breathing life into the event, her buoyant attitude evokes a sense of spirit rising.