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Alina S. in 'Puritatem' by Gioconda and August for Revs 7

Alina S Redefines a Solid State of Grace in "Puritatem" for Revs

Alina S redefines a state of grace in “Puritatem” shot by Gioconda and August for Revs Magazine. Finding the soul of sacrifice this story conveys the power of purity wrapped in the notion of good vs. evil. An ode to the strength of Charlotte Wells, this brave woman went through untold horrors until she was able to set herself free. To feel the fire of this fearsome female is to gather in the glory of good.  


Cate Blanchett Finds Herself On Far side of Moon in W Magazine

Cate Blanchett finds herself on the far side of the moon in “A Rose Without Thorns” by Tim Walker for W Magazine, December 2015. All the Worlds a Stage and All the Men and Women Merely Players. An impersonator of truth, Cate invites us to view otherworldly beauty. Finding herself on the surface of the moon, she flies high in this atmospheric phenomenon that perils possibility. Stylist, Jacob K, invites us to view the spectacle of sensation in this tour de force of fashion. 

Sasha Luss 'On Nameless Heights' Alexi Lubomirski for Vogue Russia 12

Sasha's On Top of the World in "On Nameless Hights"

Sasha Luss finds freedom on top of the world in “On Nameless Hights” shot by Alexi Lubomirski for Vogue Russia, December 2015. The breath of freedom fills the lungs as the art of inspiration comes undone. A girl on a girder garners attention but it’s the women without fear who catches the eye. An exquisite take on the fire of the female spirit. Sasha teeters on the tip of one of Manhattan’s girders, as she imagines a world where anything is possible.  

gigi-hadid-by-steven-meisel-for-vogue-italia-november-2015-2 (2)

Fashion Caterpillar Turns Into an Avant-Garde Butterfly

Gigi Hadid comes into her own as she unleashes the high fashion beast in “The Power of Personality” cover by Steven Meisel for Vogue Italia. Meisel has captured the moment this fashion caterpillar has transformed into a avant-garde butterfly. Behind the spark in her bright eyes lies a phenom ready to fly. Unleashing the beast, we watch as she prepares for her inaugural walk down the runways of the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. 

Ali Michael by Lorenzo Vitturi for Dazed Digital 3

Ali Michael Shows Us She's the "Queen of the Internet"

Ali Michael rides the reigns of freedom in “Queen of the Internet” by Lorenzo Vitturi for Dazed Digital, Autumn/Winter 2015. A compelling take on the art of the approach, by opening up her inner-word, we are made privy to her online interaction. Stylist, Robbie Spencer, gets inside the mind of this wild child with images that speak backwards chic. In a blooming blush of carmine flush, the face is affixed with gems that match. 

elisabeth erm by jack waterlot for l'officiel malaysia 16

Elisabeth Erm Walks On the Wild Side In Fearless Fashion Issue

Elisabeth Erm walks on the wild side in the Fearless Fashion Issue shot by Jack Waterlot for L’Officiel Malaysia. The rapture of beauty beckons us back as blackness falls in a seraphic attack. Surrounded by the sublime, shades of noir ride it right with a fearsome story cast in the dark of night. Stylists, Jack Wang & Jumius Wong, invite us to view fashion postured through the intensity of all black. 

anna-cleveland-by-peter-lindbergh-for-interview-magazine-november-2015-6 (2)

Anna Cleveland Honors Divine Designer "All Hail Alaïa"

Anna Cleveland honors the talent of the divine designer Azzedine Alaïa, in “All Hail Alaïa” captured by Peter Lindbergh for Interview Magazine, 11/15. Evening falls as light succumbs to the nuance of night that boldly becomes. Black builds its will around the body, falling over the frame like pseudo skin. The fire of fabric is set to style as the art of enticing begins to beguile. Defined by the light, Anna tells this story, like a second coming of high couture.  

miles-aldridge-lili-sumner-numero-magazine-168 1

Lili Sumner Sinks in Splendored Rush of Neon Plush in Numéro

Lili Sumner blasts off in Artifices by Miles Aldridge for Numéro #168, November 2015. I sank into a splendored rush of wicked wonder and neon plush, color swirls in dated play as I find myself doing the retro sway. A hail of high pitch tones touch the screen, from the roar of orange to the grasp of green. Interlocking floor mats flush together as tiles meld like pieces of a pop art puzzle. Lili lets a pile of pure pigments invade her mind as candy-coated daydreams swim inside her head. 


~ Heather Kemesky Rides High in Rebel Issue for Numéro China

Heather Kemesky invites us to ride in the Rebel issue by Txema Yeste for Numéro China, November 2015. To find a piece of poetic intent that truly moves you, is to awaken within you the soul that seeks. If we consider everything we touch merely a collage of creation, then all we attempt should be within our grasp. Stylist, Vittoria Cerciello, creates a montage of fashion, with fragmented designs artfully altered to get our attention. 


Andreea Diaconu "Etat de Grâce" David Sims, Vogue Paris

Andreea Diaconu & Frederikke Sofie float through the story in “Etat de Grâce” shot by David Sims for Vogue Paris, November 2015. The hands of time tick in ruthless rhythm as my aching soul concedes. Andreea slips into a dilettante daze as softness emanates off each page. Willingness hides just below the surface as it urges her into another dimension. The art of becoming wraps us around as moving shapes take form.