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Sophia Nilsson 'Plastic Fusion By Nicolas Guérin For Vestal Magazine! 3

Sophia Nilsson in 'Plastic Fusion' Nicolas Guérin, Vestal

Sophia Nilsson captures the art of cognitive perception in ‘Plastic Fusion’ by Nicolas Guérin for Vestal Magazine, Summer 2014. An evocative journey to the other-side, Guérin takes a stand in this powerful piece of modern poetry. A function of the phenomenal, this story proves that by stimulating the senses, fusion-art is formed. Stylist, Julien Mazzoli, causes an avant-garde overload with looks from Alexandre Vauthier, Charlotte Mullor, MurmurMis en CageNaco Paris and Wanda Nylon. 

Catherine Mcneil in 'Magnétique' by Benjamin Lennox for Numéro #155 4

Catherine Mcneil is 'Magnétique' by Benjamin Lennox

Catherine Mcneil captures the allure of the irresistible in ‘Magnétique’ by Benjamin Lennox for Numéro #155, August 2014. A vision of vast differential, this exposes us to the art of angular distortion. Charles Varenne shares a symphony of style played out in passionate triumph. Fashion erupts with a beguiling blend from Alexander McQueenBalenciaga, Chloé, FendiJean Paul Gaultier, Givenchy by Riccardo TisciLanvin, Miu Miu and Prada


Gareth Pugh Rocks Our World 'Labyrinth' by Jackie Nickerson for Dazed & Confused

Welcome to the unnerving beauty of Gareth Pugh, as we are let into the ‘Labyrinth’ of lady love by Jackie Nickerson for Dazed & Confused. Giving birth to the unintentional had led his passion for the unrealized to be part of his vast philosophical vision. A year that gave us a palette of change, AW14, has inspired us to delve into a new world order. The power of Pugh personified, as the dream team unfolds with such names as Katie Shillingford, Matthew Stone and Jackie Nickerson

Anmari Botha 'Underwater Love' by Laurie Bartley for Numéro #155 2

Anmari Botha Breaks the Chains in 'Underwater Love'

Anmari Botha breaks the chains in ‘Underwater Love’ by Laurie Bartley for Numéro #155, August 2014. Under the dark blanket of the midnight sky comes the truth. The art of noir erupts with decadent designs meant to defy the laws of nature. Playing the phenom of high fashion, Botha is garbed in strong pieces by Emporio Armani, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Fendi, Miu Miu & Paco Rabanne

Anja Rubik 'Passion' by Camilla Akrans For Vogue Germany 17

Anja Rubik Plays 91/2 Weeks 'Passion' Camilla Åkrans

Anja Rubik takes a trip to celluloid history in ‘Passion’ a story shot by Camilla Åkrans for Vogue Germany, August 2014. Rubik enacts a version of Kim Bassinger, in this inspired reenactment of 91/2 Weeks. A dip into the world of a doppelganger, this dares to pick up right where the neo-film lets off. Showing us how to seek both pain and pleasure, this powerful portrayal plays on the cusp of self-discovery. 

Lily Mcmenamy 'Born to Be a Star' By Alexei Hay For Jalouse 3

Lily McMenamy is 'Born to Be a Star' by Alexei Hay

Lily McMenamy is ‘Born to Be a Star’ by Alexei Hay for Jalouse Magazine, July/August 2014. Palpitating with the purity of youth, Lily captures our imagination with a stunning set of over the top shots done with famous dermatologist, Dr. Colbert. Stylist, Jennifer Eymère, takes us on a day-trip to another dimension, using a daring mix of medical equipment & decadent designs. The future of fashion is fun, with a cast of colorful clothing from, Dolce & Gabbana, Dior, Eleven Paris, Céline, Stella McCartney for Adidas, Louis Vuitton and Gucci

The Ground 'Being Extra Ordinary' by Ryan Yoon 8

'Being Extra Ordinary' by Ryan Yoon for The GROUND

Cris Herrmann captures the art of ‘Being Extra Ordinary’ in this 60′s inspired piece by Ryan Yoon for The GROUND. Avant-garde fashion comes alive as we find ourselves lost in a field of free expression. Gender-specific roles are deemed antiquated in this dynamic blend of mind-bending styles. Yoon delivers a piece that speaks to the tenner of our times, with artful applications that honor the theater of life. The eyes are the windows to the soul in this evocative story set to embrace a generation of seekers. 

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Lynn Finds the Light, Ester Grass Vergara for Glamcult

Lynn embraces the light by Ester Grass Vergara for Glamcult Magazine No.5, The Independent Style Paper. The power of potential reaches the people through evocative works of the cutting-edge crowd. Daring to enter a new dimension of style, Maaike Staal gathers a dominant force of high fashion, with looks that include Domenico Cioffi, Jacob Kok, Chanel, 3.1 Phillip Lim, Hugo Boss, Stella McCartney, Iceberg and Lacoste

Auguste Abeliunaite in 'Sylvie Fleury' By Miles Aldridge For Numéro #154 1

Miles Aldridge Exposes Us to 'Sylvie Fleury' in Numéro

Auguste Abeliunaite rises up in ‘Sylvie Fleury‘ shot by Miles Aldridge for Numéro #154, June/July 2014. Aldridge exposes us to the artistry of underground in this story of light & dark. Stylist, Samuel François, captures the chasms in-between with gowns by Vivienne Westwood, Marni, Haider Ackermann & Jean Paul Gaultier. The fantasy of high fashion explodes with modern accouterments set against an all white wardrobe. 

Josefien Rodermans in 'Geometric Dream' By Jiro Konami For Elle Japan 8

Josefien Rodermans in 'Geometric Dream' Elle, Japan

Josefien Rodermans gets graphically spun in ‘Geometric Dream’ by Jiro Konami for Elle Japan, July 2014. A dream inside a dream, through the multi-dimensional constructs of creativity we find our way home. A dynamic blend of shapes & styles, Tamao Iida shows us how to focus in on our feelings with fashions that fly. Visual effects know how to explode, as colors and prints make for a daring system of decadent design.