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Artistry Exposed in Many Forms Neo-Beauty is Reborn in Hunger

Through the miracle of Greg Kadel we are able to see beyond ourselves, in “Metamorphosis” shot for Hunger Magazine. Model Ping Hue possesses a captivating aura, inspiring us to see beyond our own views. This story asks that we put aside our concepts of perfection and allow our minds to fly. The raw skin is peeling off the face artfully disrupted and dutifully replaced. Silence echos throughout the page adopting every move of this ballet of tortured beauty. 

Adwoa Fires Up Feminine Power Giving Us Gurls Talk, Vogue UK

Adwoa Aboah embraces the beauty of being by Steven Meisel for Vogue UK, December 2017. This story honors the idea that you have to look back to see ahead. Meisel mixes a taste of the 20’s with a hint of the 40’s, blending it with a large dose of the 70’s. All fusing to form a picture of pure poetry. In Aboah’s interview with Edward Enninful we hear, in her own words, what it has meant to create Gurls Talk

Barbara and Georgia Play Two Parts of the Same Person

Barbara Palvin & Georgia Fowler are caught inside the Matrix by Markn for Numéro, November 2017. Here we witness two of today’s most beautiful specimens put to page. Barbara brandishes herself in a willful kind of way, while, Georgia is enticed by her over-the-top display. Poetically cast, these separate roles are set to express ~ Two Sides of the Same Person. Innocence is enticed by the architecture of excess as extreme behavior is artfully portrayed. 

Txema Yeste's Camera Tells Tale "Model Coven Casts Its Spell"

Irina Liss, Leah Rödl, Manami Kinoshita, and Sarah Abney in “Model Coven Casts Its Spell” by Txema Yeste shot for Yeste casts a conceptual spell conjuring a coven from the creative craft. Rich with imagination, he inspires us to wonder the halls of our mind. I never underestimate the power of his aesthetic intention. Producing a plethora of poetry in the form of pictures, is a true gift. 

Crystal & Krusha Goes 2 Glow "All That Glitters" Is Gold

Crystal Noreiga & Krusha Lamar dream into another dimension, in “All That Glitters” is gold by Andrew Yee for Hunger Magazine #13. Two becomes one as they spin into endless fun, aiming to uncover the moons of the midnight sun. Their limbs extend to the furthest reaches of the imagination, and then back again as if they’d never left. The art of constant movement is a subtle yet stunning sport. 

Rianne Van Rompaey Embraces “Venetian Fantasy" Vogue Paris

Rianne Van Rompaey goes a ‘la MODE À VENISE in the “Venetian Fantasy” by Inez & Vinoodh for Vogue Paris, November 2017. The culture of Venetian inhabitants are played out in the characteristics of the city. This “Floating City” or “City of Canals” as it’s known, is as spirited as it is secretive. Alive with a kind a vibe that allows it to transcend the many pitfalls of modern society, today’s timeline is driven by a score to ignore. 

Donna Trope Proves Where There's Smoke There's Fire NicOtine

Alix Angjeli gets up close and personal in “A Safe Bleed” by Donna Trope for NicOtine Magazine Fall 2017. When we forgo the concept of personal space we enter into a zone of reality. When perception is altered to a point of non recognition, we are forced to take a step back. Questioning our reason for being, we allow ourselves to break through the boundaries of human behavior, attempting to get to what’s real. 

Alek Wek Defies Gravity Laying Parallel to Ground in Re-Edition

Alek Wek wields herself into a number of brave positions in “Do You Go To the Temple Tonight” by Talia Chetrit for Re-Edition No.8, AW 2017. I see this piece as a work of physical artistry. A line of poetry longing to be read… a hunger that aches to be fed… wistful yearning that cries in the night… turning hope into havoc and wrong into right… like a winged butterfly longing to soar… this seething craving will leave you wanting but more.  

Angela Lindvall Seeks Spirit of Whimsy Captured by Greg Kadel

Angela Lindvall steps forth to accept a Challenge in “Desafio Total” by Greg Kadel for Harper’s Bazaar Spain, October 2017. Mystical maneuverings are founded in the whimsy of a wish, as couture comes with a challenge and Angela is ready to reply. Images are set apart by their unique form, yet oddly connected by their unifying theme. This exquisite editorial celebrates the art of independence, while calling on the collective spirit of style. 

Tessa Kuragi's Body Becomes Live Art in "Metamorphosis"

Tessa Kuragi uses the body as a palate and avant-garde beauty as the brush, in “Metamorphosis” by Sølve Sundsbø for Beauty Papers Magazine, F/W 2017. An Ode to Etiquette unleashes the beauty beast, as the bends of her body break through the mysteries of the skin. Like a model in waiting, she stands for public viewings taking a variety of poetic poses. Capturing the conceptual art of humanity, this story plays on page like a live art installation seen on stage.