IT’S NEVER 2 LATE 4 A DATE WITH KATE –  Kate + London + Burberry = Wickedly Stylish Fun in the UK!!!!!

The thing about the Rachel Zoe Project is that you have to put up with alot of whining and nuerosis, but when you get to the creamy center it’s all worth it!  And this week was all cream.

Let’s start with front row seats at some truly amazing shows (Alberta Feretti, Marc Jacobs & Burberry).  I love when they put the fashion show in the story-line and we really get the whole experience.  The entire show, as well as, the crazy post-show mayhem.  It feels very satisfying as if we have really attended.

Of course, we couldn’t get away without dealing with Rachel and Brad freaking out about something – this week it was the upcoming Oscars and the lack of options available for their clients.  As usual, drama was abound when Rachel found out a certain design house (Marchesa) gave a certain gown that she was “completely obsessed with” (quit stealing my tag line lady) to another client and her Oscar dreams’ were in danger of imploding.  The bulk of the whining and obsessing came from Brad – he seems more than capable of taking over when Rachel is other-wise engaged.  I have to say I found myself missing the old Brad – but C’est La Vie – there’s always next week.

Anyway, the real excitement came in the form of a spontaneous invitation from Kate Hudson to join her in London for the Burberry Show.  In an attempt to be more “Kate like” Rachel put off Milan for a couple days and met her for some girlie fashion time.  It was fun to see Rachel in a different light – I could’ve done with less Roger – (what’s the deal with this guy he really doesn’t seem to have a life of his own, dude take the hint sometimes you’re just in the way).  But I have to say the whole thing was kinda’ rock n roll – Kate, London and wicked fashion – Almost Famous was brought up a few times during the episode and it felt very apropos.

As you will come to know I am Completely Obsessed With Burberry, so I was like a kid in a candy store.  And it didn’t hurt that the show was filled with the most lusciously yummy pieces you could imagine. Truly Heavenly!!!!  I’m not ashamed to admit I was pretty green by the end of the hour.  It was entertaining to watch Kate and Rachel hang out and it really seemed that the ‘Rachel intensity’ came down a few notches.

This week we also got to see Marquerita Missoni – very cool – we got a little peek at the Missoni family history and a real feel for the passion behind the name.  And we got to watch Brad swoon over the amazing Donatella Versace prior to her show – she completely lived up to the image – glamorous, mysterious with just a hint of strange (but isn’t that what makes her delicious).

Rachels’ ensembles were so on point this week –  the perfect amount of vintage along with some great fashion choices. So all in all a Great week in the Land of Zoe – keep it up Bravo!!! (check out cute pics).