celebrate the artist


At fashionCOW our goal is to spread the talent of the world by helping to expose and highlight individuals with eclectic aesthetic in many different genres.  And to that end we will also be celebrating the extraordinary entities that make it their business to find and share these amazing people with us – which makes they themselves amazing.  Trendland.net is one such entity…what they do for the community of ART/FASHION/POPCULTURE  is like no other, we all owe them a debt of gratitude for the beauty we are introduced to because of their hard work and dedication.  So today let’s celebrate the following artists….


Nuno DaCosta Fashion Illustrator

“London based, self taught illustrator Nuno DaCosta specializes in fashion and beauty illustrations. His work is so fluid, feminine and fashion inspired. I particularly love the skin tones and strong, angular faces. Nuno’s illustrations fall mainly in two categories, color and black and white brush work but always retain their up to the minute sense of style.”

Lulu – Mix-media Illustrator

“Berlin based artist LULU* creates her illustrations through a sophisticated process of combining hand-drawn motives with computer elements, which together make up the formal and technical synthesis defining LULU’s widely appreciated illustration style.”