Fake the Fab when Feeling Frumpy – Take a Walk with Tanya


 I Take a Chic Walk in Paris…

When I’m feeling far less than fabulous I don’t have the time to figure out how to take a vacation or decide to spend way to much money on a pair of over-the-knee black Chanel Boots (the current object of my fashion fantasy) to snap me out of things.  I have to move quickly before I lose my creativity and inspiration.  Those crazy days when you’re just feeling stuck in fugly can be pretty brutal.  For some reason all rational goes out the window and all you can see are your flaws.  And on those oh-so-fun days you are older than,  fatter than and far less successful than any other person on the planet.

So I have come up with a strategy to trick my way out when I’m feeling stuck.  There is no thinking your way out of these feelings – it takes action!!!  Swift, hearty action.  I realized, after many years of just accepting that this was part of the up&down roller coaster of life, that I could fight back.  When I’m up against it I Take a Chic Walk in Paris.

I put on my favorite trench coat, huge black sun-glasses, glorious walking boots and set out on a walk through the streets of Paris.  It feels counterfeit and first, but as I settle into the bounce of my steps, I ease into the role I’m playing.  A chic woman – without a care in the world – enjoying the chicest city in the world.  And as the back of my glorious long trench coat catches the wind and flies up in dramatic unison with my long hair – I feel only possibility and potential.  And with that I am both gone and back.