Jennifer Aniston Rocks Taylor Jacobson Jeans

How much do we love this look Jennifer has going on?  She just nailed it!
Something happens when a look really captures the public’s imagination, it’s almost like it starts to have a life of its’ own.  And this ‘Motorcycle Chic’ has some steam.  It’s got serious edge but it’s also very clean & perfectly fit.  The simple accessories topped off the monochromatic look with perfection.

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And while I am just like the rest of you – trying to figure out how I can possibly live without those Fiorentini + Baker Boots – what’s really got my attention are those jeans.

I mean I gotta give it up to Taylor Jacboson.  She couldn’t have paid to get a better shot of her new line of jeans.  I am on a mission to find the back-story on how they came to be on this famous butt (and more importantly how freakin’ happy Taylor must be and how unhappy someone else must be).  We had all heard that the real story behind her leaving the Rachel Zoe Camp was because she had signed a deal with Kasil to design her own line of Jeans.  So I’m truly interested in the deets.

Anyway they look amazing, and while it’s obvious that anything would look good on Jen A, I really think these jeans have something special.  I like where the pockets fall and the denim is soft & has a brushed-out black look that is fresh.  I am COW with them…