Crazy 4 Cranberry – VB Collection


I am Obsessed and Impressed with Victoria Beckham’s Fall 2011 RTW Collection.  While her line features some truly scrumptious and vibrant colors – think canary yellow and scorched orange – she also kills it with her layered heather greys & neutral tones.

I found myself mesmerized by the deep cranberry section, and would die4 the knee high boots in the same color (a glorious partnership with Loubitin helped).  I featured the beautifully pregnant super-star last fall as one of my fave new desingers and I quite certainly stand-by my words.  I consider Victoria Beckham a legitimate designer and an authentic addiction to the world of fashion.  This girl aint no figure-head – you can feel her all over these clothes – and that’s what I want.  If a celeb is going to call herself a designer I don’t want to feel the anonymous hands of some over-worked, under-valued silent creator behind the House.  So Bravo Ms. B you’ve broke the mold.