Street Chic – Model Style

Mix Leather with Everything – It ups the Ante, and Odds are you’re going to look Fab.

This year Elle has produced a fabulous piece called, “The Fashion Crowd“.  They have gathered over 100 wickedly chic shots from New York, London, Paris & Milan.  Every single shot is worth viewing and in the deliciously-decadent style of this Star Mag. they have peppered in the Hautest pics of various Super-Models sashaying down the cobblestone streets in High-Style Perfection.

For those of us who count the days for the various “Fashion Weeks” to arrive, we know that there is as much Fabulous Fashion happening out on the Streets as there is on the Runways.  In perfect Style Sync this Fashion Season – was right behind the fashion brigade of Designers, Models and Global Fashionistas – just waiting to capture all the Edgy Street-Style spilling out.  Many of the Magazine Sites have their own version of “Street Chic“, but I still consider’s to be the best.

I’ve been working on a Seattle SC Section for a few months and in my research I have come to realize that most of these sections go the way of T3 (TackyTrendyTrash).  It’s incredibly challenging to get candid images looking cutting edge – or better – ahead of the trends, giving readers the F3 (FabFutureFashion).  Most of the time they come off staged or worse…like space fillers.   But under the great Creative-Direction of Joe Zee, gets it right every-time.