Bouffants, Braids & Bright-Bold Colors

Regardless of the weather it’s time to see everything “Through the Eyes of Spring“.  And I always think this time of year is an opportunity to seek out some of the fun seasonal trends that will work for you.  Not every woman loves the idea that bathing suit season is upon us – so instead of stressing about the skimpy clothes of summer – let’s focus on the amazing colors and the exciting trends we can explore.

So with the help of and the fabulous Hannah Holman let’s check-out some Top Spring Trends. 


I have been droning on about my obsession with Neon, but I want you to be aware of how you can make this trend work for you.  Many times something exciting will come along and women will dismiss is out-of-hand because the think of the most extreme example and refuse to consider trying it.

The Bold new Colors of Spring actually offer a strange kind of juxtaposition.  While of course there is always the artistic and avant-garde application of neon colors that have a distinct “Made-up” look.  But the interesting thing about this bold trend is that it offers women an opportunity – when used properly – to look fresh, ethereal and Spring time Natural.

I was excited to find this image(left) of Hannah Holman from her exquisite “Circus Layout” for May’s issue of Australian Vogue.  This image captures all of the best spring trends working together for a gorgeous clean look.  Hannah’s “Invisible Eyebrows” are balanced by the gorgeous Pale-Neon lavender eye-shadow, that is working as both the shadow base and eye-liner.

Using the right color and a light-touch makes this bold color the perfect accent to make the eyes Pop Perfectly, and make you forget about your usual black/brown liner.

With her baby pink lips turned up by finding a color 2-3 shades darker than her natural lip, and finishing it off with a dusting of matte bronzer – This entire Spring Look just jumps off the page.  While the everyday girl might choose to add a punch of mascara or a bit-o-blush, the idea is the same.  These Fabulous Feisty Spring Trends can all be edited to work 4 everyone.  Don’t miss out on the fun.

If Makeup isn’t your thing explore the Brave New World of Braids.  Braids aren’t just for your grandma anymore….  Braids have been growing in popularity over the last few years and this year the trend seems to be hitting a fever Pitch.  The most important thing to remember when thinking about braids are that there are No Rules.  Hannah’s amazing cotton-candy bouffant is held back by the cool Braid-Band.  A Head-Band made out of your own Braid or a synthetic Braid to match your hair color.  I absolutely love the fish-tail braids hanging down her back.  That is a great example of taking this look to the next level and being a little rebellious and creative.  Nothing is off-limits this season Bouffants or Braids take it on!