Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton married her Prince Charming in a true Fairy-Tale Wedding.  With all the pomp & circumstance that one country could manage, we all witnessed a true display of Royal protocal and decadence at it’s finest.

I think we all enjoyed being transported to another time – witnessing the adherence to historic values and celebration of country, it was a well-needed break from the tumultuous world we are all living in.  This Wedding gave us all an excuse to dream, a luxury forgone by many.

Below, Official Royal Wedding Photos

Kate Middleton was every-bit the “Perfect Royal Bride”.  Showing that she could handle the eyes of the world watching, Kate owned that aisle and made this Wedding her own.  While she was more than capable of following protocol, this was not an event that was forced on this young couple.  You could see William and Kate in every detail – right down to that Delicious Double Kiss.