Prada’s Perfect Little Black Dress

I went back to Prada’s Spring 2011 RTW Collection for some LBD inspiration.   The idea of the Little Black Dress, is that every woman should have that perfect Go2 Staple Dress in her wardrobe.  The one outfit you can always count on to do it’s thing – Fit & Flatter.

So when thinking about integrating black into my Spring Round-up, I decided to apply the same LBD philosophy.  I want a few great Black Go2 pieces that I can grab this season and just know they’re going to work.  It’s one of the great benefits to keeping black with you during the Spring/Summer Season.

To make the appropriate Spring-Shift I searched my memory for one of the Collections that offered some great “Spring Black”.  When I remembered how much I liked Prada’s pieces including; her shift-dress, strappy-summer dress, and fabulous two-piece optionals for the work-day… I thought it was worth going back for a second look.

The fact is that I wasn’t over-joyed by the Prada Spring 2011 line-up.  Her focus on super unflattering stripes confused me and I was underwhelmed by the over-all presentation.  However, her “Black Section” was phenomenal and worth separate consideration.  Check-out her great variety for Beautiful Spring-Black options and see if you can begin to think beyond bright spring colors – and see the Sultry Side of Spring.