Nicola Formichetti Gives Runway Eyes at Mugler W/2012

When you take away all the hoopla over Lady Gaga, Thierry Mugler’s Fall/Winter 2011-2012 “Comeback Collection”  wasn’t exactly a huge hit.  It was very reminiscent of the 80’s era Mugler (but nostalgia alone isn’t enough).  However, with Nicola Formichetti now running things – and being able to score someone like Lady Gaga to be your guest Music-Director/Model – may show that the brand just might have a new invigoration and direction for the future.

While the Collection didn’t break any artistic barriers – I was interested in their take on the “Cat-Eye”.  They took some interesting chances with jet-black eyeliner extended up almost touching the end of the brow – as well as – some interesting lower-lines that were drawn under the eye, in a subtle half-moon shape.

Again, while their beauty choices weren’t amazing – I do think the collection deserves another look to really take in the eye makeup.  The Model’s faces were almost entirely void of color – and the eyes were strictly black/white.  I did dig the commitment to consistency and stoic edge.