The Fearlessly Feminine Isabeli Fontana

Isabeli Fontana delivered a beautifully ethereal spread for this month’s issue of Vogue-Spain.  I’m so accustom to hunting for the high fashion, avant-garde fair, that I found myself dumbstruck when I came across these images.  Romantic and feminine, I think it’s a true commentary on where we are as a society that we are so programmed to expect Bombshell-Beauty (a ‘la Victoria’s Secret) that we have a hard time processing the Strictly-Lovely.

This “Fashion Story” of romantic-love and authentic longing, is one so often lost in our high-powered, fast-paced world, I am reminded of the rewards that come when patience is applied.  Let’s take a lesson from Greg Kadel’s enticing pictorial and find a way to introduce Seduction back into our lives.