Kim Kardashian Gets a Proposal & Lawsuit

Kim Kardashian finally gets her dream proposal (and the rock that goes with it). are reporting that the 20+ carat stunner, stunned the bride-to-be, along with a surprise proposal.

Kris Humphries entered the Kardashian-Chaos approximately six months ago, when the pro-baller & reality-star started dating.  The couple aren’t exactly a forgone conclusion – with more than a foot between them, Kris doesn’t exactly resemble Kim’s past-loves.

However, I’m sure this will be a wedding to rival the recent Royal-Affair, with the typical over-the-top Kardashian mark.  Along with this joyous event, Kim has been dealing with a recent lawsuit involving images taken for the infamous W-Magazine (silver-booty) shoot. is reporting that Kim K is suing over miss-use of photographs taken on the W-shoot and later sold for use on an album cover.  Check-out side-by-side evidence of the infraction.

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