Trending Now… 70′s-Chic, Roksanda Ilincic

I am mesmorized by Roksanda Ilincic’s Fall 2011 RTW Collection.  It’s the perfect alternative to the “Hippi-Chic” 70′s Bohemian Princess. I’m all over the 70′s vibe this Summer – already on the look-out for a vintage suede fringe jacket, and various denim pieces (including vests, shorts, and jackets).  I plan to squeeze-the-life out of this trend over the next few months, channeling the “Flower Child” 60′s Hippi, all the way to the decadent-sophistacated 70′s YSL “Disco-Hippi.”

In an effort to master the latter, these pieces from Roksanda Ilincic’s Collection provide richly-sumptuous examples of that 70′s “Warhol-Chick”, with the long, lean lines of a decade dedicated to overt decadence.  Draped fabric that seems to fall on command, creating the illusion of Glamour.  This is a girl with somewhere to go – and we want to follow.  And that was the 70′s – Always something fabulous waiting, just around the better be prepared with a just-as-fabulous-ensemble.