Blake Lively Channels Sharon Tate in Glamour Magazine

I am naming Blake Lively the “Face of Summer.”  This image of Blake in the hat is so riveting I can’t tear my eyes away.  This glamorous shot could have been taken at the height of 60’s Fashion.  I am using this layout, from Glamour Magazine’s July 2011 issue, as inspiration for my Summer-Look.  Each Season I pick a kind of “Poster-Girl” that represents what I consider to be the ultimate-ideal.

I feel like I’m in an updated “Valley of the Dolls”, minus the pesky dark-depression. It’s hard to separate images of Sharon Tate from all the tragedy surrounding her memory, but these pictures go a long way to paying homage to the spirit of her glamorous look. With each chic pose I see Blake channeling the iconic beauty, bringing forth that same amazing combination of Sweet & Sexy, that Sharon Tate balanced with equally awe-inspiring results.

So for our Summer-Glam Sessions, let’s consider trying a little 60’s-chic by finding our inner Sharon/Blake.  Work on perfecting a great Smokey-Eye (without the raccoon effect).  The best way to achieve this is to use a fat eye-pencil in black/kohl, then rim the entire eye and go over it with a dark grey/charcoal shadow.  Then finish with a taupe color for the eye-crease to create depth.

This is about finding balance with a dark eye, and peachy/champagne lip.  Not everyone is going to look good with Blake’s version – you have to find what works on your eyes without overdoing it, and with you lips not looking washed out.  At Fashioncow we don’t aim to mimic, we aim to get inspired.