Does “Love” Have To Hurt So Bad?

This Season’s 2011 Fall/Winter Issue of Love Magazine has the tear-stained faces of some of Pop-Cultures most talented individuals gracing the Covers.  The “Crying Images” are distinctly devoid of any sadness, which only heightens the creative/mysterious allure of these images.

Love’s Buzz has kept people dizzy with anticipation over who they would choose for the “Amazing Six” covers they planned on putting out with this issue. From ingenue’ turned fashion-muse’, to stunning Super-Models, so far they’ve managed to gather a truly eclectic and compelling group of unique young women.

Elle Fanning’s Cover (left) –  shot by the amazing Mert & Marcus – absolutely blew me away.  this young actress has been gathering some serious momentum as a fashionista/fashion-muse within the industry as of late, and seems to be getting the attention of some serious designers and insiders.  I am now formerly on the “Elle Fanning Train”, I am Completely Obsessed, and this is the image that hooked me.

Continuing…Above (top-left) actress Chloe Moretz’s cover is also Beyond Stunning.  Love is calling this issue “Super Natural”, and with Chloe’s huge brown eyes, glowing fair-skin, wavy auburn hair, and lips that are bursting with youth – this sweet/sensual image perfectly exemplifies “Super Natural” Beauty.  Next to her is the wonderful young star Hailee Steinfeld, giving us a peak at her beautiful complexity, it’s clear to see why she has such committed fans.

Above (bottom-left), the new Zimbabwean model Nyasha Matonhodze gives us the most raw/powerful shot of streaming tears, and possibly a beautiful peak at hidden-pain.  And finally (bottom-right) the incomparable, undeniable Lara Stone.  I’ve made no secret about my Obsession with this girl.  I think her star is rising by day, and I wait with baited breath for every new editorial layout she does.  I was thrilled to see that she was on of the “Love Girls”, and adore the styling of simple braids/natural makeup – allowing her haunting beauty to burrow through the lens…Now the “Super Natural.”

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