Balmain’s Shorts With Boots Are Super-Hot

Right Now you could walk down any street in the great LA area and see every other girl wearing denim short/shorts with ankle-boots, or a high-end pair of short/shorts in Leather or Linen, with Platform Loubiton’s. This look it Trending hard-core right now, and on the right person it can be super-cute. But like everything else that’s unfair in the world, there’s criteria to be able to pull this look off.  First, leave the denim to the 25 & under group (sorry), and if you’re going try and pull of the Short-Chic trend, then I would advice you go with a designer brand, this is not the look that you want to skimp on – and if you’re wearing super high shorts, go looser on top (think bohemian-chic).  It’s a fine line between Trendy & Tawdry.  Take a page out of Balmain’s Spring 2011 Collection (above), out-of-this-world fabulous, and layered to perfection.