Steven Meisel’s Portrait of a Fall Floral-Fashion Dream, Vogue

Raquel Zimmerman for Steven Meisel Vogue

Raquel Zimmerman VogueSteven Meisel takes the awesome Raquel Zimmermann to yet even greater heights, as she continues to explore the “Art of the Chameleon” proving there is nothing this girl can’t pull-off.  In front of the camera she is completely convincing in any roll, and makes the journey so believable as a viewer.  Highlighting the more “Structured-Side” of the World of Floral, these Fall pieces from the fabulous Collections of such designers as Givenchy and Marc Jacobs, make us feel like we have entered some kind of Surreal Fashion-World.  More more images from the layout in this month’s VogueUs – go to

Raquel Zimmermann for Steven Meisel