Take a “Retro-Roadtrip” with Beauty-Stops in 50’s-90’s

In this fabulous tour “Through the Decades”, Amber Gray follows Masha P as she makes Beauty-Stops at the flirty-50’s, sassy-60’s, chic-70’s, eccentric-80’s, and the notorious-90’s.  Exploring the stand-out trends of those eras, it’s easy to see why so many of them are making appearances this Fall.  The November Issue of Marie Clarie China, paid tribute to the various “Style-Trends” that are synonymous with these decades.  It’s so fun the take this “Retro-Ride”, and stop off at your favorite spot.  Thanks to this chic layout, it makes it easier to deconstruct the elements that made each time-period so cool, and find what will work for you.  I’m dedicated to finishing an “Era-Marathon” by the end of the Fall/Winter Season, giving each decade a try…. Remember it’s Fashion, it’s suppose to be fun.