Avant-Garde Amalgamation of Icons and Eras Collages

I am Completely Obsessed With these formidable “Collage-Concepts” by artist, George Chamoun, termed “Iconatomy” (from the word icon & anatomy),  brought to us by the ever fashion-forward Cyril Foiret at Trendland.net.  This Hunter/Gatherer of all things creative/avant-garde, has once again brought to light an artist who actually has something authentically-unique to offer.  In a world where everything is over-used and synthesized for commercial-consumption, it’s such a gift to see works that are of the innovative, thought-provoking nature.

Beyond the aesthetically pleasing quality of “merging two iconic figures from different eras together”, the pieces bring up some really interesting questions.  It’s easy to see why Chamoun has made the choice to pair up certain individuals.  The features of the individuals combined are eerily similar, and amalgamate in a truly strange/beautiful way.  And while the imagery alone is of itself noteworthy, it’s the deeper character connections that leaves my mind reeling.  When I look at Nathalie Portman/Audrey Hepburn, there’s a striking similarity in their entire presence, but it’s compelling to consider how alike they may also be in their overall personality/character.

As I went through all of these pairs, I was blown away by how many of them not only look alike, but are perceived in very similar ways.  It begs the question….Do looks dictate personality, and a person’s overall nature?  Go down the line, from George Clooney/Cary Grant, Angelina/Elizabeth Taylor, Robert Pattinson/James Dean, Scarlett/Marilyn, and Audrey/Nathalie – these are people that share overtly similar physical features and personality traits.  This observation feels like something greater than an anomaly, and is definitely worthy of deeper analysis.  This is a fascinating psychological issue, brought forth by the specific presentation of these collages.  This truly is the reason I do what I do.  And why I salute the tireless efforts of people like Cyril Foiret, and will always do my part to pass-on the Artistic-Message.