Nathasha Poly’s “Masterpiece of Transformation” by Greg Kadel

Greg Kadel does our work for us, as he offers up a “Fashion-Platter” of Style-Archetypes in Vogue Spain’s November Issue.  With Natasha Poly playing the “Super-Chameleon” we see what it takes to go from “Domestic-Diva” to “Glamour-Goddess.”  While this is a Masterpiece in Transformation, done by one of the greatest models of this generation, I think we can all take a page out of Greg Kadel’s “Fall-Fashion-Extravaganza”, and get in touch with our own unique Style-Sides.  Thanks to this amazing layout, we see how easy it is to change an entire look, with extreme results.  For those of us who are truly fashion-obsessed, we can use this editorial as a “Glamour-Guide” for whatever style we are trying to achieve.  The greatest part of these images, is how they illustrate the true power a simple ensemble change can have on a person’s stance/demeanor.

In a day-to-day world of too many bills, and too little time, it’s hard to allocate money/priority to fashion. However, the benefit of a spread this comprehensive, is literally found in the details.  Their dedication to producing something that really allows us to compare/contrast different styles and types through its attention to details, is what is so inspiring about Greg Kadel’s “The Every Woman.”  In each shot there is more than one unique idea that could be emulated by something found in a vintage shop, or lower-priced options like Forever 21, Express, Brass-Plum (Nordstrom) or Target.  Nothing they’ve presented would be hard to recreate.  I’m dying to go find myself a bowler-hat with a Men’s-Style white blazer.  What image inspires you?  Images from