Rick Owens Spring 2012

In the World of Fashion there’s a group of “Sartorial-Masters” that are rising up to be know as The Layered-Kings.  An among them is quite certainly Rick Owens.  As his Spring 2012 Collection proves he continues to perfect the art of combining the Loose/Tight, the Hard/Soft, the Shiny/Matte, the Angles/Curves, and the Rigid with the Free.  It’s this New World Order of Layered-Chic, and it may sound laid-back and casual, but it’s anything but that.  It’s a utterly harmonious connection to fabrics/textures, that allows the maker to direct materials to fall in such a way, that layers of fabric never appear bulky, rather they twist and conform to the will of the designer, resulting in dynamic shapes of the most flattering pieces of clothing imaginable.  When you look at Rick Owens work, you see all the hidden treasures and secret-doors he’s placed in his wearable art, at the endless ingenuis ideas that come from one of his Collections.  For more great images from his Spring 2012 Runway Show, go to Models.com.