Haider Ackermann Reinvents This Season’s Men’s-Wear Trend

Haider Ackermann is my “Kate Moss” of the Design-World.  The same Adoration & Obsession that I have for the “Model-Extraordinaire”, I have for this genius fashion designer. His artistry speaks to me on another level, each Season only surpassing the one before it by it’s jaw-dropping ability to consistently stun/surprise. His work is so nuanced with triumphant details and hidden treasures, one would have to own an Ackermann for months before truly understanding the power of his pieces.  Once you think you’ve got him figured out, he pulls out something so innovative and unique, you’re literally racing to catch up with his creativity.

The never-ending challenge to develop something authentically original is an ever-present burden fashion-designer live with.  And what Haider Ackermann gives us, aren’t just clothes with new concepts, they are actually new sartorial “Assignments.”  His Spring 2012 RTW Collection has managed to literally reassign the “Mens-Wear Chic” trend.  What he’s infused into this very hot trend is nothing less that awe-inspiring.  He has reformed the boxy lines of a men’s blazer.  Added pointed shoulder-pads, wide lapels, and pushed-up sleeves, accompanying dandy flat-front trousers with forward-facing seams.  Also in the mix was a series of Billowy-Genie pants, defying nature with their flattering shape and chic vibe.  And with the entire Collection being done with super-shiny fabrics in vibrant shades of Blue/Magenta/Violet/Orange/Green.  It’s a dynamic reassignment of color/texture, with beyond-fabulous consequences.