Madonna Steps into the Fashion Limelight & Kills-It for Bazaar

Madonna takes over Harper’s Bazaar for their December Issue, turning in two amazing cover options from the dynamic lens of Tom Munro, “co-starring” actress Andrea Riseborough.  Having starred in Madonna’s recent foray into film-directing “W.E”, the two women have an obvious rapport that brings a sexy/cool vibe to the shoot.  In her typical Madonna way, this “force of nature” comes on the scene and kills-it.  Forget the mediocre reviews her directorial-debut received at the Venus Film Festival this year, when she steps out into the “Pop-Culture” limelight she’s gonna take control.  And we forget about age or “generation-gaps”, and we are right back under her seismic-spell.  She continues to transcend boundaries, and prove that true relevance is deeper that the “Reality-World” we’re living in.  There is no doubt that this woman relies on enhancement and medical-interventions that are only enjoyed by the truly privileged, however, I maintain that her spirit is what keeps her able to continually surprise and inspire us.  For her interview with Naomi Wolf, go to