Kiss Good-bye the Old-Fashion Curls & Try Cool-Twisted Waves

As we head for the Holiday Season it’s time to reevaluate our Hair-Looks. One of the most ravishing looks from Fall’s 2011 Runway, was the updated half-up/half-down style from Christian Dior’s RTW Collection. Although we get a “period-feel” from this look, these are not the rigid “finger-waves” of the late 19th century. The absolute genius of this hair is that it gives off a wistful-romantic feel, while maintaining a hint of structure.  While a far-cry from the loose-abandon of the “Bohemian-Style”, this hair does have it’s moments of sheer freedom.  The hair is divided into 2 sections, with the front-half forming soft-curls around the face, and slowing falling off into looser waves down the back.  Then the “back-half” is pulled back into a loose-messy bun at the nape of the neck, with random pieces pulled out.  Then the piece-de-resistance, hidden ‘hair-gems” are woven in, adding a modern dynamic-texture.  For a thick braid gowning down the back and wrapping around the bun, you can simple pull a small section out of the top of the hair before you pull it back.  The great thing about this concept is that the less perfect it looks the better.  As you can see below, some of the styles have small braids tucked hear/there, while others have a more prominent braid “featured.”  Then as your creativity gets cookin’, add some cool-kinky waves into the mix, and soon you’ll be on your way to some seriously-chic Holiday-Hair.  For more looks from Dior’s Runway, go to