“Some Like it Hot” Annabella Barber for Madame Germany

There’s something a little naughty and highly exhilirating about mixing iconic styles & reference points. 2012’s “Year of the Stylebrid” is here. A concept that allows for the mixing/matching of common trends, in an effort to uncover or discover something new.  The most exciting fashion “Hybrids” are often formed by combining style-cliche’s.  It’s almost as if, “two wrongs can make a right.”  One of my favorite “T-Philosophies”, the idea of the “Stylebrid” assumes that through ingenuity, “anything old can feel new again,” given the right mix.  It’s about finding the inherent beauty in the art of “re-creating.”  Learning how to extrapolate & re-invigorate – as a “fashion-rule.”  If you can make a “Marilyn Monroe” story feel modern, while still highlighting “vintage-inspired” pieces, you’re doing something right.  And here we’ve got the best of 2 fabulous-worlds – “50’s-Glam” & “Stepford-Chic.”  Combining all the sex-bomb goodness of Marilyn Monroe, with the pulled-together feel of a 50’s housewife (in all her perfectly-coiffed glory), and you’ve got 1 hot updated Spring-Style.  Annabella Barber is utterly dynamic in this Retro-Role – that has her in looks from Prada, Miu Miu, Herme’s and Dolce & Gabanna.  Jamie Nelson has found a way to make, yet another, Marilyn-Inspired editorial “Some Like it Hot” feel young/fresh, for the current issue of Madame Germany.  What gives this fashion-story a modern-appeal is the decidedly “un-Marilyn” like styling. Annabella is channeling the great film-icon with perfect precision, but the diverse-quirky styling is utterly brilliant.  Ranging from 40’s-style swimwear to traditional 50’s A-line dresses/floral capris, and then throwing in a few cool 60’s “Mod” pieces, with accessories to match, makes for one fabulous fashion-forward mix.  So get your own “Power-Mixing” on – my first “Hybrid-Mix” will be 70’s-hippy with 80’s-neon…stay tuned.