Peter Lindbergh Resurrects the Lost Art of “Uma” Vogue Italia

Continuing to explore the “Darker side of Spring,” Uma Thurman is given the “Peter Lindbergh” treatment – with this raw/edgy layout from the current issue of Vogue Italia.  Attempting to resurrect her status as relevant & cool, this “beautiful girl” has gotten lost in the last few years, somewhere between overexposed & under-developed.  In her early career, she had “street-cred” to spare, with a cult-following obsessed with her many “Lolitaesque” character’s she played in period films.  Roles that only played up her unique mix of beauty & brains, she became the 90′s “poster-girl” for the awkwardly-swan.  But after an odd side-trip to the “deviant-side” (think the Kill-Bill trilogy) she lost some of her quirky-glamour.  Her long connection to – Quentin Terantino - only seemed to alienate her female audience, and confuse the males.  Then mix in that she can often come off cold/aloof, and often struggles with personal choices, and you’re left with one beautiful genetic-freak, that doesn’t quite fit in fashion or film.  So when Peter Lindbergh, – taking everything back to basics & going RAW.  Viewing Uma through his lens is a tantalizing mix of thrill and discomfort – just the way he likes it (I would imagine).  But these intimate shots have breathed life into woman who has often appeared stale & removed, and literally renewed my faith in her ability to relevant & compelling.  I’m Completely Obsessed With this prolific photographer, I could spend the rest of my days putting pen to his pictorials.  Images via


4 Responses to “Peter Lindbergh Resurrects the Lost Art of “Uma” Vogue Italia”

  1. lola says:

    Don’t have a clue as to what you’re saying about Peter Lindbergh’s photographs of Uma. Looks like they could have been taken by anyone on the street, ferpetesake! Mario Testino at least has taste.

  2. lola says:

    I’ve never seen more unflattering pictures of Uma. Peter Lindberg? She should stick with Mario Testino.
    At least his pictures flatter a woman!

  3. Muggy says:

    what’s so great about her?

  4. Peter says:

    Its a snapshot look: non-glossy, non-slick, casual, retro and naturalistic. There is plenty of slick ultra perfect fashion photography out there. I’m happy to see something different.

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