Break Free from Your Fashion Rut, Anastasia Perraki in “Cadillac Woman” Vogue Hellas


Anastasia Perraki takes a walk down memory lane in fabulously-flirty 50’s-style fashion, that will have you wishing for a time-machine.  In the April issue of Vogue Hellas, rebellion is all the rage, with looks that bring back the days of smokin’ under the bleachers, and makin’ out at the drive-in.  Maria Desipris’ “Cadillac Woman” celebrates vintage-inspired looks, that are as trendy today as they were back then.  With the emphasis on body-hugging silhouettes, these sassy pieces are a great break from the typical Spring fare, of flowing sun-dresses & long day-maxis.  With flattering shapes like – bloomer-shorts, pencil skirts, cigarette leggings and body-suits – there is no shortage on variety.  And with this layout being dedicated to “dressing for less,” it’s also clear that we can do all this, without breaking the bank.  This is what I refer to as, “disposable-dressing.”  Don’t worry about quality when buying a $10 pair of leggings, as long as they will get you through the summer months, you can toss them out when Fall comes around.  “Disposable-Dressing” is also a great way of allowing yourself to try those trends that are outside of your comfort-zone.  By avoiding a huge financial commitment, you won’t be burdened with the obligation to wear the clothes, and free to simply enjoy them.  This fashion-philosophy is a total “Rut-Buster.”  These can be the steps that will break you out of a long-standing fashion rut.  So let go of your “shopping-snob” for this exercise, and get your cheap-chic on.  You will avoid the dreaded guilt-gut, and before you know it, you’ll be rockin’ those cute outfits – instead of drooling over them in magazines.  Go forth and conquer you fashion-fears…there’s a sea of sartorial fun just waiting to be had this season.  Images via