Kate Upton Brings the Fire in ‘Fuego en el Cuerpo’ Vogue Spain

Forget what you’ve heard about a return to curves, Kate Upton brings her Body like Fire to this epic layout for the July issue of Vogue Spain.  Tipping the scale at amazing, she has single-handedly redefined  the limits of a “full-figure” model.  At 19, this girl seems to be winning over the world of high-fashion, one earth-shattering editorial at a time.  Her images are a sophisticated mix of stylish & sexy, and portray someone who is in complete control of their body and mind.  It’s not often that someone comes along with enough cache’ and charisma to influence people’s perspective.  But when Kate Upton hit that Sports Illustrated Cover this year, it was like the world let out a collective sign of relief.  She has provided a “body-blueprint” (if you will), for a new ideal in female-form.  Shot by Miguel Reveriego, “Fuego en el Cuerpo,” is a stunning look at the future of fabulous.