Morfium Couture S/S 2012

These stunning images of Jefimija Jokic for the S/S2013 Morfium Couture Swimwear Collection, perfectly depict this lines’ unique philosophy on the art of fashion.  Taking swimwear to the next level, these unique pieces can be worn in a variety of ways, and to many different places (beyond poolside).  Morfium creates a very limited number of pieces through-out the year, meant to be collected – like works of art.  Regardless of demand, they never produce any more of an item than originally put out.  Their designs can be worn year ’round, outside of the confines of seasons & trends.  Their mission statement is artfully articulated on their magical website, where they appropriately invite you to “Experience” their philosophy.  This is far beyond your typical high-end design group, this Serbian label is more of a creative movement, than a fashion house. Breaking free from typical pinks/corals, Jefimija proves how fresh the sultrier shades of ruby/rust can be. Many of us feel we have to abandon our love of jewel-tones for the Summer months, however, this beautiful layout by Dusan Jaukovic shows us how lovely/light this color scheme flows. Often we feel like we must follow some kind of seasonal doctrine when it comes to fashion/beauty.  We wait to be told what we can wear, and what we will be “liking.”  It’s an insidious prospect really, in every other area of out lives we fight for freedom & independence, but when it comes to style – we wait to be told what to do.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m a trend-tracker by trade/interest, I know the value in providing information.  But who’s to say what colors/shapes/styles are “in,” and what are “out.”  I just like the idea that someone is out there fighting against the unwritten rules of society, and I revel in the thought that someone is defining, for themselves, what it means to be successful in this business.  Images via Fashion in the Zone.