Milou Sluis in “Reinvenzione Di Versace” for Odda Magazine

Breaking new ground in the avant-garde fashion movement, Odda Magazine, is premiering as a revolutionary force and vanguard of “Reality-Reading.”  And with a debut including Milou Sluis in ‘Reinvenzione Di Versace,’ by Juan Martin, we see the attraction.  Standing at the vortex of change, their vision is one that includes a visceral experience.  A progressive approach to content dissemination, their modern method of “open-source” information, will have you feeling like you’re sitting front row with Anna Wintour.  Odda invites you for an unprecedented – all access – look “behind the scenes.”  From designers, models, photographers and stylists, they promise that you will discover what inspires and motivates some of the greatest artists of our time.  Aiming to provide a “real-world” look inside the inner-circle, this publication is taking a pioneering step toward enlightenment & transformation.  Putting a spotlight on the level of talent, education, hard-work and sacrifice it takes to “make it,” is a service to both the industry, and pop-culture at large.  They are doing their duty toward the “collective imperative,” that says that all artists must unite in an effort to raise the standards within the Creative-Community.  And with each (brave) new production of high-quality work, we are one step closer to that goal.  This magazine states their dedication to, “Those who are inspired by fashion and especially to those who yearn to discover more about that world every day.”  Grand aspirations indeed.