Karolin Wolter in ‘New Kid on the Block’ by Dirk Messner, Quality Magazine

Dirk Messner brings a fresh message to the neighborhood, in “New Kid on the Block,” starring Karolin Wolter for the August issue of Quality Magazine.  In this creative kaleidoscope of Fall fashion colors, Messner amps up the “Color-Blocking” trend, by adding a mix of perfectly placed prints & pastels to the style story. With looks that take the concept of “cross-trending” to new heights, this wild combination of colors, patterns and textures, gives the designs a new level of fashion-forward freshness.  A “Pop” explosion, this kind of eclectic-styling relies on the interplay of genres & styles, and mastering the concept of Controlled-Chaos. This kind of free-exchange of fashion may feel like an after-thought, but, it’s really just carefully choreographed clothing-combinations.  This is the future of mix&match dressing – nothing is off limits.  So throw caution to the wind, and Blend those Trends in a way you’ve never imagined. If there was ever a time to show off your sartorial skills, this would be the season. True, there is a fine line between fashion & freaky, but the road to amazing is paved with awkward and awful – and you can’t get to Triumph without Try-ing.  So drape, layer, pile and stack your way to a new Fall wardrobe.  Before you know it, they’ll be following your lead.