Ethan Zhong’s ‘Erotica’ a Potent Look Female-Freedom Vs. Faith

Ethan Zhong challenges our ideas on sexuality & shame in his thought-provoking editorial, ‘Erotica,’ for the September issue of Harper’s Bazaar Hong Kong.  Olga G and Maria Izyumova confronts the long standing battle between female-freedom & faith, in this potent portrayal of the power of religious condemnation. Artistic freedom lights the way for emancipation, and by shining a light on those topics often left in the dark, we make way for change.  Our society is set-up for exclusion, it praises those who conform and punishes those who rebel.  And in era marked by advancement, it’s hard to face the fact that in many ways we are still living in a ‘Scarlet A’ society.  Source (visual optimism).