Camilla Akrans Merges Fashion & Art ‘Hors Cadre’ with Anja Rubik for Numéro #137

This season has been building to an artistic climax, and with ‘Hors Cadre,’ Camilla Akrans delivers the ultimate orgasmic editorial for the October issue of Numéro Magazine.  In the definite merging of fashion and art, Anja Rubik inserts herself into over-sized paintings, becoming one with the classical works.  Interacting with the background, she adds her own brand of languid sensuality, blending the physical realms with seamless perfection. Wearing a rich combination of Fall fabrics, intricate pieces from Givenchy, Balmain, Gucci, Roberto Cavalli and Chanel add textured elements of brocade, velvet, sequins and lace.  A divinely inspired effort, this unique mix of elements creates a multi-dimensional layered effect, and an avant-garde re-interpretation of modern art.