Fit for Print Magazine

Herring & Herring deliver a captivating quartet of covers for the premier issue of Fit for Print Magazine.  Models, Alyssa Miller, Anail Pouliot, Sessilee Lopez and Tallulah Morton represent a richly diverse group of females to launch this exciting new artistic adventure. True visionaries, this daring duo sets out to recapture the power of modern storytelling through the, “ever-expanding visual vernacular.” And by making this magazine available only to a, “Select Group of Creative Insiders,” H&H are re-imaging what it means to be exclusive. Celebrating the art of fashion rather than the tide of trends, they are providing the ammunition we need in our fight to reclaim the value of authenticity and originality. I believe in artistic elitism. In a world filled with recycled redundancy this kind of inspired creativity feels like a lifeboat in a sea of mediocrity. It says that we will not accept arrogance in the place of innovation. Relevant works are what propel us forward, and in these powerful pictures we feel the inventive spirit of expressionism take hold, guiding us to the future. The fertile ground of tomorrow must be preserved by the brave artists of today.

Fit for Print Herring & Herring AnaisFit for Print Herring & Herring 2Fit for Print Herring & HerringFit for Print Herring & Herring 1