Laura Kargulewicz & Tessa Vander Weyden ‘Sleeping Beauty’ Michelle Du Xuan, Madame Figaro China

Laura Kargulewicz & Tessa Vander Weyden fall into an enchanted slumber in ‘Sleeping Beauty’ by Michelle Du Xuan for Madame Figaro China. In an avant-garde adaptation of the Brother’s Grimm classic, Xuan turns this much beloved story into a modern fashion fairytale. Marked in makeup made of pure bold, the pretty princess’ dream of Spring, in colors marked with purple, pink, blue & gold. Mimicking the brilliance of their rich surroundings, our Sleeping Beauties go vintage with hyper-vivid color combinations that stand in stunning juxtaposition to old Hollywood. This flawless piece of editorial artistry brings the romantic rendition to life, with retro-waved hair and period inspired designs. By playing up the fantasy elements of this season’s best trends, these images are sure to cast a spell on you.