The Sunday Times Style

Donning a series of decadent desirables, Daphne Groeneveld is all dolled-up in ‘Oh Babe’ by Eric Guillemain for The Sunday Times Style Magazine, 31 March 2013. Redefining the parameters of pretty, this Spring brings a series of beguiling boudoir attire inspired by the effortless beauty of the season’s minimalist movement. Gone are the one-dimensional satin-slips of the past, in favor of lounge-wear made with stylish silhouettes and fashionable fabrics. It’s the modern metallics, looks that incorporate the slinky sleekness of classic lingerie with the soft edge of iridescent designs. Radiant and enticing, these fashion forward features allow for the sweet and sensual to mix. It’s 50 shades of sexy, by marrying the romance of pink with the white-hot passion of red, (stylist) Lucy Ewing creates a new picture of sensual style. In the era of empowered sexuality, today’s woman doesn’t have to fit into one category, she can decide (on any given day) who she wants to be.


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