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Karina Gubanova in ‘Tokyo Pop’ by Gabor Jurina for Fashion Canada

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The symphony of the streets comes alive in ‘Tokyo Pop’ by Gabor Jurina for the April 2013 issue of Fashion Canada. Karina Gubanova captures our imagination in this festival of high fashion that echos the hyper-vivid imagery of the Miami urban art scene. A kaleidoscopic of colors, shapes, patterns & prints, (stylist) George Antonopoulos, gathers a group of Asian inspired graphic styles that pop against graffiti stained walls of the city. A masterpiece of modern beauty, (makeup artist) Daniela Klein creates a hybrid version of the famed Harajuku Girl with a face (and hair) that’s fit for an avant-garde queen. Bold, brilliant and utterly explosive, this dynamic imagery embraces a new brand of creative clashing I’m calling, ‘Electric Eclectica.’ Jurina’s stunning series builds on the energy of the surroundings without getting lost in the chaos – a great lesson for life.

tokyo pop 1 Tokyo Pop Fashion Canada 1 Tokyo Pop Fashion Canada 2 Tokyo Pop Fashion Canada 3 Tokyo Pop Fashion Canada 4 Tokyo Pop Fashion Canada 6 Tokyo Pop Fashion Canada 8 Tokyo Pop Fashion Canada

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