L’Officiel Ukraine

Nikole Luna & Anne Verhallen play partners in ‘Suit Up’ by Ken Pao for the April issue of L’Officiel Ukraine. Giving us a twist on Spring’s androgynous trend, (stylist) Anna Katsanis keeps us guessing with a series of vibrant menswear-inspired looks mixed in with the more traditional, darker designs. Stunning new suit silhouettes done in creative colorful combinations are highlighted by bold beauty ideas that will blow you away. Makeup Artist, Romero Jennings, glams things up with a bright red lip & peacock winged-eye, making it clear this isn’t your average androgynous editorial. An innovative take on an old fashion favorite, bringing a more dramatic flavor to the trend table gives this style a fresh new flavor. With the industry feeling like some staples just shouldn’t be changed, often it’s the edgy looks that are left behind when it comes to updates. However, even super-cool styles can get stale, so don’t be afraid to experiment – sometimes a brilliant breakthrough can come from the spontaneous interaction of opposites.

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