Boston Magazine

Mitchell Feinberg captures the heart of a hero created out of the soles of brave souls. An amazing image that will forever be embedded in our collective memory, Boston Magazine pays a moving tribute to the victims of the bombings in, ‘The Shoes We Wore,’ for the cover of this all-important memorial issue.

In the shadows of suffering I look to the power of poetic vision for clarity. Beauty breaking through the clouds of brutality, as we attempt to make sense of recent horrific events, we turn to the art of expression to help us heal. Cathartic images capable of carrying the weight of the world, in this powerful piece of preserved heartache I see the reflection of humanity. A reflection that can never be destroyed by the savagery of empty violence. It’s in the sentiment of shared pain that we witness the strength of our people and feel the emphatic emanations of our collective souls.

Creative by: (editor-in-chief) John Wolfson, (Design Director) Brian Struble, (Deputy Design Director) Liz Noftle and (photographer) Mitchell Feinberg.


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