Ana Castelo Branco in ‘New Age Blond’ by Alisa Berezhnaya

Ana Castelo Branco leads the ‘New Age Blond’ movement in this eye-popping editorial shot by Alisa Berezhnaya. Setting off a Mod beauty bomb (makeup artist) Omar Bouker brings his own vision of Warhol’s 60’s to life, with Neo-Pop hair and makeup, complete with the lush black lashes, cropped platinum pixies and bold graphic applications. Finding the new Factory Girl. Reviving the star-making styles of such icons as, Edie Sedwick and Twiggy, reminds of a time when beauty knew no bounds and line between art and style wasn’t just blurred, it was obliterated. A magical time when fashion wasn’t just a function of need it was an extension of personal expression, the swinging 60’s represented an era that allowed the culture of creativity to flourish. Embracing that same level of inspired revelation, Bouker’s bold brand of beauty mixed with Berezhnaya’s in-your-face shooting style creates lustrous looks so full of life they literally pop off the page.

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