Manifesto Magazine

Sui He is a natural born beauty in ‘The Goddess Factor’ by Olivia Tsang for the Alternative Reality Issue of Manifesto Magazine. A stand-out star since she stepped on the scene, He has recently been named the first Asian model to be the face of Sheisedo Cosmetics. Known for her outspoken ways and bold/brazen style, this independent thinker won’t waste time with placation and niceties, something that has been both a help and a hindrance in her career. Having gained a foothold on the international market it remains to be seen if this strong-minded girl is destined for super-model status, but one gets the idea after listening to her, that she’s ok either way. While she might be accused of lacking passion, in the world of high fashion it’s not about the demeanor it’s about what you can deliver. And in these candid shots by Tsang she has definitely manifested her modern goddess.

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