Vogue China

Let the drama begin. Sung Hee & Ji Hye Park are all dolled up in ‘New Classic’ by Ben Hassett for the June 2013 cover/editorial of Vogue China. In one of this season’s most daring double shots, this captivating couple stuns us senseless, with synchronized movements so hypnotic you won’t be able to look away. Other-worldly perfection, porcelain skin topped with bold blocks of color, Lloyd Simmonds’ take a future approach to the face, with his avant-garde use of creative cosmetics. With looks that blur the lines between fashion and art, today’s innovative artists continue to redefine the rules of modern makeup in an effort to reflect the ever-changing picture of today’s beauty.

vogue japan beauty 03vogue japan beauty 02vogue japan beauty 01 Sung-Hee-Ji-Hye-Park-by-Ben-Hassett-for-Vogue-China-June-2013