Jessica Pitti in ‘What I Fear is Lost Here’ by Yossi Michaeli for Elle Mexico

Jessica Pitti captures our imagination in ‘What I Fear is Lost Here’ by Yossi Michaeli for the June 2013 issue of Elle Mexico. This editorial introduces just the right amount of high fashion frenetica into a season filled with an unseasonably high amount of somber styling. And while I’ve enjoyed every bit of Spring’s dark, artistic side, there’s nothing like a hit of adrenaline to get your juices flowing. The Art of Beauty is shifting, with the evolution of color, the subtle shades of change are happening right in front of our eyes. Concepts once seen as alternative and counter-culture are beginning to take their place in the mainstream. With mind-blowing hair/makeup mixtures by Amy Farid/Deanna Melluso (respectively), they dare to redefine the confines of color by pushing the limits of placement, practice and pairing.  A total transformation, this new philosophy allows for a more inventive approach to the how, when and where of modern beauty. And while putting bold colors in unique places is nothing new, what makes this application noteworthy is it’s ability to blend in. When I look at Pitti in her purple hair and green lips, I don’t see rebel punk, I see a stunning extension of color choices. I haven’t been able to put my finger on the moment, but somewhere in the reconfiguration of style, certain artists have been able to create a whole new story around the future of fashion effectively starting a New Color Revolution. It’s all about the shift toward subtly. How we choose to interpret today’s trends is less a measure of meaning than a mark of creativity. Sometimes true “Street Cred” comes from the ability to adapt the avant-garde into wearable works of art.

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