Tanya Katysheva in ‘Shades of Summer’ by Pablo Estévez & Javier Belloso for Fashion Gone Rogue

Tanya Katysheva stuns in ‘Shades of Summer’ by Pablo Estévez & Javier Belloso for Fashion Gone Rogue. Every year I wait for that one great beauty editorial that remakes my favorite haute-hair style, the coiffed creation I call, The Flattop Explosion. A trend that got it’s start on the runways of Paris and New York, it’s popularity assures that some version will show up every season. One of the most dynamic being Sigrid Agren’s exquisite turn in W Korea last Spring, a presentation so perfect I was afraid the style had peaked. However, after seeing Katysheva pop against the pastel colored pages of this pictorial it’s clear she should be crowned the new (Flattop) queen. Following on the heels of Bottega Veneta’s highly successful blending of the 40’s & 70’s eras, (hair-stylist) Marina Alejandre adopts that same sense of retro-eclectic energy, giving her locks an extra hit of vintage inspired life. Untamed beauty at it’s finest, with pin-curl like waves that start half-way down the hair only to be let loose in a torrent of tousles, this modern interpretation allows for a less tidy approach to the concept of curls. Artful, edgy and altogether cool, the latest exclusive from FGR is a standout among the crowd.