Margarita Pugovka in ‘Nous Somme Vallées’ by Tsasha Olivier for No Cigar Magazine #7

Exploring our Collective Creativity Margarita Pugovka embarks on an existential journey in ‘Nous Somme Vallées’ by Tsasha Olivier for No Cigar Magazine #7, Summer 2013. An inspired vision of integrated beauty, We Are Valleys, embraces the universal spirit of passion & creativity. As the arc of enlightenment unfolds, we watch Pugovka pass through the peaceful interludes of discovery on the pathway to self-awareness. In a season that has used the elements of the outdoors unlike ever before, we have seen nature play a pivotal part in the execution of editorial artistry. What once felt like unnatural artifice has evolved into organic works of high fashion art. A voyage inside, in this powerful piece of poetry we bear witness to the harmony of the universe with a stunning series that feels more like a celebration of life than a fixation on fashion. In an effort to expand the shallow confines of style, Abri Ferebani chooses subtle pieces that weave into the surroundings, elevating the story with seamless perfection. As we seek a deeper connection to our own humanity, works like Olivier’s gives us greater insight into the world we inhabit.

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