Tush Magazine

A model beauty Aline Weber breaks the mold in the conceptual coverstory ‘Introspection’ by Txema Yeste for the Fall 2013 issue of Tush Magazine. Like a lover leaving the remnants of his passion behind the power of Yeste’s work lingers on the senses Just Like a Kiss. Part person part piece of art, Aline plays a statue caught by the hands of human emotion as she struggles to break free from her stony exterior. Profoundly thought-provoking this contemplative creation muses on the meaning of life, with soul-searching imagery that dares to explore the deeper issues of existence. More on the side of Modern Art, (stylist) Bernat Buscato forces the hand of high fashion with one-of-a-kind Couture that doesn’t just dress up the set it gives the story wings. Still covered in clay, behold the avant-garde artistry of Tyron Machhausen, using his artfully applied makeup to will this beauty to life. Powerful, poetic, reflective and real Yeste implements innovative elements of reversal to reflect back on us our own existential truth. Through the review mirror of life I watch you slowly fade away until you are all part of the patchwork of my mind, a faded memory woven into the pattern of pain that has become my brain.

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