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Joanna Tatarka, Manuela Frey & Kayley Chabot in ‘Valentino’ by Jeff Bark for Another Magazine F/W 2013

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In the half way point between dark and light lives the never ending beauty of ‘Valentino’ by Jeff Bark for AnOther Magazine F/W 2013. Following the dying beauty of the light I lay among the midnight flowers only to hear the faint beating of my distant heart. Diving into a deep intoxication models, Joanna Tatarka, Manuela Frey & Kayley Chabot find themselves caught in a dark, ethereal dream world dressed in Victorian inspired designs by Valentino. Deceptively Simple, the prudish nature of the styles might give the appearance of propriety but what lies beneath is a different story. Stunning shapes covering secret details, Katie Shillingford’s poetic styles give off a kind of evocative restraint playing into the backdrop like an obedient child.
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