Die Presse Magazine

Helena Severin gets us in the Grunge mood in ‘Nirvana Stimmung’ by Bernd Priml for the F/W 13.14 issue of Die Presse Magazine. Standing on the Sturmfront of sartorial nihilism this artful interpretation of 90’s Nirvana presents a powerful picture of post apocalyptic angst. A revival of the highest order, by remaking this trend in the least likely way, the ultimate anti-fashion statement has found a home in the high art of haute-couture. Capturing the era of aesthetic apathy (stylist) Barbara Zach honors the roots of the original movement with defiant designs that rage through the pages in a frenzy of punk/metal madness. Daring to disturb, with dirt filled makeup by Nicole Jaritz and harried creations by Alex Moser, this dramatic collaboration brings the beauty of Grunge-Glam to life. Fashion on the fringe while these images are a far cry from the flannel world of Kurt Cobain they still evoke the spirit of independence that has come to define the seminal Seattle Sound.

DIE PRESSE Magazine by Bernd Preiml6DIE PRESSE Magazine3DIE PRESSE Magazine1 DIE PRESSE Magazine by Bernd Preiml7DIE PRESSE Magazine by Bernd Preiml3 DIE PRESSE Magazine by Bernd Preiml4DIE PRESSE Magazine by Bernd Preiml cover