Karolina Waz in ‘Eyes on You’ by Saga Sig for S-Magazine The Youth Issue. Celebrating the future of fashion, HungerTV is featuring the cutting-edge work of pioneering designer Peiran Gong as part of their ongoing effort to elevate the industry. Curated by Kim Howells & Rankin, the progressive piece speaks to the power of possibility. Firmly entrenched in the Neo-Pop movement of the day this exciting collection may feel familiar, but upon closer inspection, we see a world original detailing emerge. From the multi-dimensional ombré effect of the hand painted fabrics, to Sci-Fi silhouettes unlike we’ve seen, this is the epitome of fashion forward design. A creative force that compels us to look closer, it’s this kind of visionary innovation that separates real artisans from commercial hacks. A masterful collaboration, with hyper-modern hair & makeup that includes, graphic eyes by Yin Lee and new wave hair by Bianca Tuovi, Kim Howells’ state-of-the-art styling fits seamlessly inside Thomas Petherick’s abstract set design. Breaking free from her cultural expectations, this collection offers more than a feat in clothing construction, it is a statement on cultural defiance. While Gong received her MA from the Royal College of Art in London, her work reflects a background in Beijing where art is rooted in the idea of mastering skills, and precision is never far from the process. And while we might expect that growing up in such an extreme system would show itself in the form oppression , instead, all I feel from Gong’s fashions are an empowered sense of freedom. A true triumph of spirit, her strength & independence will surely pave the way for many females to follow. Reminding us that real relevance can only be achieved through the endeavor of excellence, Rankin’s spotlight selections continue to serve as a source of societal inspiration.

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